Peter Fisher holds the keys to your dreams

Peter Fisher holds the keys to your dreams Peter Fisher Property Management Team – Image Supplied

The engagement of the right real estate business is important when buying or selling, and this is how the name Peter Fisher Real Estate has become synonymous with expert property advice for the Orange landscape for over 50 years.

Today, owner Hunter Ridley follows in his father’s and Peter Fisher’s footsteps running the 1970s-established business, leading a passionate and trusted team of locals supporting the community with their (combined) extensive knowledge and unique market insight.

You can bank on their friendly, helpful team

Recently, they have opened new premises in Bank Street, Molong to be closer to that community as well, where the friendly team welcomes anyone to call and discuss their ideas with a property manager or sales agent without any obligation or expectations.

“We know the local market and you don’t have to be buying or selling – we’re just pleased to chat and share our knowledge about the area. Central West Mums is a great platform for us to share knowledge on, too, so we are very happy to sponsor them for the Mummy Awards,” said Sales and Marketing Co-Ordinator Lisa Marks.

Their stable team lives in your community

Buying or renting a home is a decision that comes to us all at different stages of life and given the weight of making the right decision and the hurdles to cross before contracts are exchanged or a lease signed it is reassuring to have people looking out for you who have been in the industry for a long time that you trust and who know the market.

“We have helped so many people over the years, and we take pride in maintaining those relationships, some of which span many years especially with our long term landlords. We invest ourselves in the same community where we do business and we are proud to give back by sponsoring and supporting sporting clubs, arts and music programs and most recently the Spring Soiree fashion parade at Molong Show,” she said. “The fact that we have these community-based relationships is fantastic and we always hope that people will think of Peter Fisher when they need real estate assistance.”

One of major reasons that Peter Fisher’s relationships mature with community members is that their own staff workforce is a very stable team. So, between living in the community, raising families and maintaining those professional relationships over many years they have become part of the fabric of the Orange and Molong communities.

Over half a century of independent advice

Now in its 51st year and on the back of major celebrations last year, their 19 staff enjoy taking turns working in Molong. “We all love our cute, little branch office, ” she laughed. “So, now we all share time between our two offices to make sure that there is staff in the Molong office every day.”

A charming presence within bricks and mortar

The decision to have a shopfront in Molong was based on the level of business they’d received from there over the years, particularly in selling properties. There was also a need for quality property management services, and although there was a longer term plan for a physical presence in Molong, an opportunity to fast track it after the recent flood-event meant they could (happily) open sooner to provide local and independent property management services.

“Our presence in Molong now means people can just pop in to ask questions or seek advice,” Lisa said. “It makes a big difference to locals for us to be present through the week so we can help them in a more personal way.”

Something that becomes apparent to visitors at either Peter Fisher office is just how busy they are. For that reason, which is also quickly apparent, they’re very skilled and highly trained. “We invest in a lot of continuing education with our staff; we meet all the requirements for the industry, and we make sure our staff are competent in the advice they are giving, ” she said. “That why we can confidently call ourselves the team at Peter Fisher and live up to that, because we all get along and someone will always step up and help out.”

Professionals to guide you

That environment and having fun along the way extends to clients and means that everyone is supported every step of the way: all four sales agents and their sales associates are residential experts. In addition, rural agents Jacob Evans and Michael Wright bring their wealth of experience through coming off the land to offer advice on acreage and Chris Mason takes care of the commercial side.

Get the best results and advice

So, why is choosing the right real estate business so important when buying or selling? “Houses are such a big investment and critical to people’s finances and way of life. I just don’t think the stressors around these can be taken lightly when buying and selling properties,” Lisa said. “As most people buy and sell two to three times in their lifetime (excluding investment buyers) I think it is our job to facilitate this and guide people through the process using our knowledge, wisdom and experience to help them get the best result.”

Continuing their strong relationship with Central West Mums, Peter Fisher is sponsoring the Hero of the Year award for the second year running. “We love that Central West Mums is so inclusive and non-judgemental, meaning people can jump in and ask questions about anything and get really good advice,” she said. “And we know that mums are often the decision-makers for a lot of major things for their family – including choosing a home, so we feel that’s something we can really help them with on their platform.”

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