Let your eyes be the light of your world

Let your eyes be the light of your world Hansen Optometrists. Image by Diana Smith Photography.

Specialists Hansen Optometrists are proud major sponsors of the Central West Mummy Awards 2023 for the second year running and are all about promoting life-long eye health.

Being a family-owned, multi-generational business who is community minded they understand the importance of promoting great work in the region.

After over half a century of being in business Hansen Optometrists know the value of treating clients like family. Their friendly optometrists and staff strive to give the kind of customer service rarely found elsewhere and go above and beyond what you would expect from a retail business.

“Whether that be delivering glasses to people personally, seeing people outside of work hours, doing kindergarten and pre-school screenings or visiting nursing homes when people can’t come in for an eye test,” optometrist Jake Hansen said, “these are services unique to our business.”

Specialists in eye-care and eye-wear

With services covering all ages from newborns to the elderly, Hansen Optometrists pride themselves in covering niche areas of optometry not possible from chain stores.

“We do a lot of children’s vision checks and behavioural optometry,” he explained. “This includes vision therapy to help children with learning difficulties and visual processing. We also do specialty contact lens fitting and specialty dry eye treatments to cover all bases as far as optometry goes.”

The six optometrists at Hansen are specialists for many conditions unique to eyes and have serviced generations of children and adults throughout the area.

“You are never too young to be tested and don’t need to know letters or be able to verbalise before seeing us to have your eyes tested. We have our ways and methods for everyone’s circumstances,” he said.

Pre-school testing and regular tests for life

As a guide, Jake recommends everyone having a test prior to starting school, then usually every two years thereafter up until the age of 60 unless the optometrist has found an issue and needs to monitor more closely or there is an eye condition.

Then yearly routine checks are recommended after 60 years as eye problems and risks become higher as age increases.

“We also like to see people with underlying issues like high blood pressure or diabetes every year, too as they are at a higher risk of eye health issues,” he said.

Eat healthy, live healthy for healthy eyes

Having a good overall general health usually has a flow on effect to having healthy eyes, too. Eyes are very vascular, so vascular-health impacts the eyes, Jake explained. Keeping blood pressure down and not having diabetes or high cholesterol levels is good for the eyes, too.

“Also, there is benefit that we get from food for our eyes,” he said. “Despite the old saying about carrots, it’s actually leafy green vegetables that are very good for them. Spinach – especially when cooked – and kale etc. contain lutein which is a really important nutrient for the health of our macula, the round area at the centre of the retina. And, generally, the brightly coloured fruits and vegetable tend to contain the anti-oxidants and nutrients that are good for our eye health. Supplements like omega-3 from fish oil also have high benefits to eye health, particularly dry eyes.

“Then, protecting your eyes outdoors from the sun is also important as affective UV light accumulates over time and can contribute later in life to things like eye cancer, pterygiums and cataracts. The eyes of children are particularly vulnerable to UV light and so it is recommended to be in the habit of wearing a hat and sunglasses when exposed to sunlight from a young age. Plus, everyone should wear protective eye wear when needed.”

The third habit for healthy eyes, Jake explained, is to have good eyelid and eyelash hygiene. It’s important that they be kept clean and a good time to do this is during the daily shower with soap or by using a specific eye cleanser.

Giving the gift of sight

Hansen Optometrists are also proudly involved in a program that collects and distributes unwanted eyeglasses to people in need – usually in developing countries where they greatly appreciate the life-changing support. So, feel welcome to leave your unused pairs at any time with their friendly staff.

Proud CWM major sponsor second year running

“Our relationship with Central West Mums is something we really cherish as it’s a fruitful and rewarding one,” Jake said. “We love getting out to Mumfest and the Mummy Awards, and we can’t wait to see everyone again this year at the awards.”

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  • Hansen Optometrists by Diana Smith Photography

  • Hansen Optometrists by Diana Smith Photography

  • Hansen Optometrists by Diana Smith Photography

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