VERTO: training and employment changing lives and communities

VERTO: training and employment changing lives and communities

VERTO’S vast range of services assisting businesses and individuals with all their apprenticeship, employment and training needs has benefitted 1000’s of workers over its 40-year history, and continues to meet the changing face of the job market with unbeatable advice, training and work opportunities through their wrap-around approach.

Short courses, Certificate qualifications, online and training spaces

“From tenancy advice and financial counselling, to helping train or find someone a job, anyone can come into one of our offices in the Central West for help with anything job or apprenticeship-related. We cover programs right across the board, and that makes a huge difference to individuals looking to change their situation,” said VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell.

VERTO’s popular programs include traditional apprenticeship assistance for school leavers and people looking to change their careers by getting an apprenticeship, helping local employers find the right apprentice/worker and helping support and maintain them through that process – including people with disabilities – via their training service Workforce Australia, an Australian Government program that helps people out of work to find jobs and seeing them through to job placement.

Seeing ability is fitting for jobs

“I’ve seen alarming recent statistic that only 53% of people of working age with a disability have employment across the country which is pretty disappointing, but at VERTO we see firsthand some of the seen the benefits of employing people with a disability as they are incredibly loyal and hard-working and inclined to stay with your organisation longer, plus they are personable and approachable, so there’s a lot of benefits from doing this,” Mr Maxwell said.

Many regional locations and flexible options for jobseekers

VERTO originated in Bathurst and boasts centres in Orange, Parkes, Forbes, Cowra, Dubbo, Lithgow, Blayney and more. As well as these fixed sites they have a very proactive team who get out and about to meet with local businesses to discuss their needs.

“If people need to find employment we help job seekers through a range of Australian Government programs,” he said. “We help people of all ages and circumstances to transition to work – from high school to people in their 60’s-70’s – and we encourage anyone to come and talk to us.”

The Central West is hot for jobs.

Mr Maxwell said there are lot of jobs available in the region, particularly in hospitality and administration, and so their professional trainers are busy providing many short and full qualification courses.

The range of short courses is broad and includes First Aid, RSA, computer skills, Barista and cafe skills  – all of which gives the person a nationally recognised qualification in the same way as their Certificate ll/lll courses like Business Administration.

“A lot of organisations require us to offer refresher courses for First Aid and RSA, so staff can update their skills as required, and then if an organisation has a lot of people that need certain training then we can pack everything up and go to them and provide that training on site,” Mr Maxwell said. “Or they can come to one of our centres and do it there, but the beauty of VERTO is that we are flexible and work to what suits each organisation best – for example our state of art working-with-heights mobile trailers can go to businesses for training on site.”

The local NFP, registered charity that invests in families and community

Since 1983, VERTO has grown to 126 sites across Australia and has established itself as a proud community partner by putting a lot of money and resources back into the local communities through sponsorship, supporting local events like NAIDOC Week, business awards and lots more.

On another level, their main focus for young families is the Parents-Next Program which helps young men and women back into the workforce with employment, training, and it’s reflective of their desire to be part of the community and wanting to help the community.

Recognition for CWM

VERTO aligns its sponsorship with programs, organisations and groups that support and give back to the community, and since they feel that Central West Mums is one of those groups that recognises the important contribution of mums and partners to homes, sporting clubs, businesses and more, they’ve committed to another year as a major prize partner just in time for the Mummy Awards.

“We’re really proud to be part of the sponsorship and events held throughout the year, and we think that the mums who win these awards are thoroughly deserving. Our sponsorship is just a small way VERTO can recognise and pay tribute to the work that they are doing.”

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