Slow down, take a load off and escape from reality for a minute. Here you can enjoy good Food and drink, keep your Health & Wellness in check and immerse yourself in some Art & Culture.


Product & Service Reviews

CWM’s road test the appliances, products & services that we love then give you the low down on the best of the best!

House, Garden & Animals

Get your finances in check, grow your own veggies and read about our furry & feathered friends.

Gotta Have It

From handy helpfuls and fashion to what’s trending, this is where the CWM team is going to let you know what we love! You’ll find a fabulous selection of products to shop from our local businesses, in a round-up of what’s trending, what’s seasonal, or what’s really helpful.

Health & Wellness

The health of our minds and our bodies is far too important to neglect, and if we achieve a sense of wellbeing, then we can give our families the very best as well. Sometimes taking time out to think about what we are grateful for is just what we need.

Food & Drink

The Central West is home to some of the finest wines and produce our country has to offer. Meet our amazing producers, orchardists & vignerons as they share their love of food and wine and share their secrets on how to best enjoy it!

Art & Culture

Discover the many hidden talents of the creative people who call the Central West home while exploring some of the region's finest cultural precincts.

Family Life

Get clued up on the best ways to manage your finance, how to make life easier, how to save money, how to create flexibility and balance in your career and family life. Plus learn great fire-safe strategies, teach your children how to be technology and cyber smart and much, much more.

Kids Parties

It’s party time! Get ideas on hosting the perfect celebration for your little one.

Environment & Sustainability

Learn tips and tricks on how your family can become more environmentally friendly and sustainable in everyday living. Improve our carbon footprint reduce, reuse and recycle!