Look and feel at your best, everyday.

Look and feel at your best, everyday. L-R: Hayley Shiels and owner, Kylie Duncan at CosMedic Collective. Image credit: Diana Smith Photography

CosMedic Collective, Orange is home to health and beauty professionals working together to have us looking and feeling our best inside and out, through holistic approaches to care involving individualised consultations, treatment plans and service options.

The business is owned and operated by its director, Kylie Duncan (a mother of two young children), who feels awe at the achievements of everyday mums. Their giving of 100% of themselves to families, and others, each day is the inspiration behind CosMedic Collective sponsoring Central West Mums Mummy Awards 2023 Mum of the Year.

Touched by the community

“I’ve realised that we live in a beautiful community, and even though I’m hearing and protective of these conversations professionally, I am touched by the amount of support out there, so I think it is important to celebrate these women,” she said. “They’re not going to celebrate themselves and put their hand up, so that’s why I’m passionate about supporting this award.”

Feel good on the inside and out

With most of her clients being women aged between 35 and 65 (the oldest in her late 70’s), Kylie spends much of her clinic-time with mums who are professional women looking for a little something for themselves – whatever that looks like, be it botox or a brazillian – to help them feel good about themselves.

Given the personal nature of the treatments it would come as little surprise that most leads for their new business comes from word of mouth. So, it’s when a girlfriend comments that someone is looking really well that clients might say they’ve been to see Kylie. The trust with the treatments starts with those personal recommendations.

“We have over 150 services, and our mission statement is to help people look and feel good. Our medical clinic focuses on skin, skincare, medical skin treatments like laser, facial treatments and skin peels. We have a full-time beauty therapist who does beautiful massages and spa packages. We have a specialist that comes in to do body and face contouring (known as HIFU), we do brow tattooing, inhouse teeth-whitening, and give express makeup classes – which are important as we age so we know what to do differently,” she explained. “The services all have either a medical, cosmetic or a beauty focus.”

Kylie is well-qualified with nursing, a post-grad degree in Anatomy and Physiology and a BA under her belt. When added up these are strong assets for her business as it means she can look at the patient as a person medically and creatively and find the best outcomes. Her fourth degree, a Masters in Health Service Management, happened with a toddler and a second baby on the way, so she knows just how hard it is to study or re-train with children, and thinks ‘hats off to you!’ to anyone in that phase of their life.

Experience and expertise for peace of mind

Kylie has many contacts with clinical specialists and can refer patients locally or to Sydney. She’s witnessing an increased demand for mental health services such as DV help or counselling too, and refers her patients to clinicians for support if she feels it’s needed.

“My qualifications in business, anatomy, nursing and the Arts have combined into one, and this is what CosMedic Collective is all about. And now that’s part of my practice manager’s story because after Hayley joined my business as a receptionist, she did Leadership and Management study at TAFE and had us do many role-plays together for her modules,” she laughed.

Make friends and support great causes

Networking also plays a big part for Kylie, who enjoys being face to face with the community and forging strong links through sponsorship with groups like CWM and Fashions on the Field for Racing Orange, where there’s time to talk with people and have fun together.

CosMedic Collective is also a primary sponsor of Birds in the Bush (raising $100,000 for the Orchard this year), a domestic violence advocate in the Central West raising awareness and empowering community through knowledge and fundraising, plus she also finds time to support local sporting groups and be in the CWA.

“You get back what you put out,” she said, “and whether it’s a regional centre or anywhere, you have to be involved in the community.”

The business has achieved a lot in its first two years, and after working for others as an Injector for the previous 13 years, Kylie is loving establishing her own team, culture and an environment where people want to be.

“It’s been a huge challenge and learning curve, but despite opening during lockdown…we’ve turned ourselves into a successful business. I’m proud that it means Hayley and I can now give back in so many ways, as well as supporting mums of our community within the staff’s scope. Women do feel better for putting themselves first this way, and we guarantee a much better experience than a shopping centre beauty bar.”

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Diana Smith

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