Webb Street Park, Orange NSW

Webb Street Park, Orange NSW

Webb Street – Newport and Webb Streets, North Orange

According to some of our Central West Mums, here’s our review of the playgrounds in the Orange LGA with some items considered like accessibility, equipment, shelter, toilets and more.

This playground was great for older kids, with the challenging climbing equipment, the big nest swing and the built in trampoline. If you are a family with dogs its great one parent can take the kids to the playground and the other one can take the dog across to the dog park.

What ages is this playground suitable for?

Webb park is more suitable to the older age groups, other than the built in trampoline, an abacus and see saw, there isn’t really any suitable equipment for younger children. A 4-5 year old might be capable of climbing the nets/climbing wall, though this could make parents feel a little uneasy as to how high the platform was where the slide was located. The equipment is generally  suitable for confident climbers minimum 5 yrs and up with parental supervision. Teenagers can have fun here too. There is a great nest swing which provides a lot of entertainment.

There is a great open space next to the playground that would be great for kicking a ball, flying a kite etc.

Note: This is a guide only as every parents’ risk assessment is different so it is very much an individual decision for each family.


This playground is not really suitable for children with physical disabilities, the ground is not level and uneven either side of the playground and the lack of appropriate facilities.

This playground is not fenced or enclosed but it is set back from the road.

Comfort & Shelter

There is no shelter, no trees for shade. It is very exposed to the elements.

There isn’t really anywhere for parents to sit comfortably, there are no chairs, no grassy spots. There are no nearby toilet facilities. or bins other than the one at the dog park across the road.

The location is not close to any coffee carts or cafes, it would be a short drive to North Orange McDonalds or North Orange Shops.

For more on playgrounds across Orange, refer to the Orange City Council map.

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