Lady Dorothy Cutler Park, Orange

Lady Dorothy Cutler Park, Orange

Lady Dorothy Cutler park – also referenced in maps as Sir Charles Cutler Park, West Orange

Our Central West Mums have road tested Orange parks and playgrounds. Here’s what they think…

There are some new additions to Lady Dorothy Cutler park. There is a good mix for all ages here. There is a great open area near the equipment for ball games, kite flying and physical activities.

What ages is this playground suitable for?

This playground could be suitable for children 18 months through to teenagers. There is something for everyone; from the flying fox, to the tunnels. There are some cool sound pipes, and with the addition of nets and climbing accessories on the tunnels it makes for a fun adventure. There is a small amount of play equipment with a slide which would be suitable for 5yrs and up. Teenagers do frequent the park so it appeals to the older age group. There is a nest swing which is always fun. The flying fox is a reasonable distance so accessing it may require help from an adult due to the height of the flying fox in comparison to the platform.


This playground is not fenced or enclosed in any way, it is much closer to the road than other parks in Orange.

This playground is probably more accessible with the tunnels, however would require supervision due to the rounded edges and possible trip hazards.

Comfort & Shelter

There is no real shelter yet, but trees are planted around the equipment so will provide shade in future years.

There are seats around the outside of the boundary of the playground, there are bins. There is enough space to put a picnic rug down. There are no toilet facilities here or anywhere nearby.

This area is in a suburban area on the west side of Orange. This playground is not within walking distance to any cafes, the closest cafe is Omar Academy Cafe.

For more on playgrounds across Orange, refer to the Orange City Council map.

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