Jaeger Reserve, Orange NSW

Jaeger Reserve, Orange NSW

Jaeger Reserve – (near Hill and Clinton Sts), Orange

According to some of our Central West Mums, here’s our review of the playgrounds in the Orange LGA with some items considered like accessibility, equipment, shelter, toilets and more.

This playground is located only 15 minutes walk from the central part of Orange and has a combination of age-appropriate equipment for younger kids. There is open space near by for the older kids to kick a ball which is very attractive for a big family of mixed ages. It’s only an 8 minute walk to Byng Street Cafe. There is a downfall with no nearby public toilets which can put an end to the fun quick smart.

What ages is this playground suitable for?

The equipment is suitable for toddlers up. There is a small set of steps that lead up to a smaller slide this platform also connects via a bridge to a larger enclosed slide. There is a small rock climbing wall that accesses the middle platform. There is a small fire mans pole which my 4.5 yr old confidently used. There is a climbing net also attached to the higher platform. There are little activity items on the ground level for younger children. There is a rocking vehicle great for the 2-5 yr group. A nest swing which my older children enjoyed, there isn’t a baby swing but a regular swing and a large see saw. There is a large open space not far from the playground itself so when my older children 11 & 13 got bored of the playground itself they went off and kicked the ball which was still in view from where we were standing


There is no fenced area nor is it enclosed but it is set back from the road which gives a little time to catch those who like to take off.  There is a sensory sound spinner full of metal balls.

Comfort & Shelter

There isn’t any man-made shelter, but the playground is surrounded by lovely adult trees which provide a lovely amount of shade.

There are some lovely, grassed area under the trees for parents to sit, but no seats. There aren’t any toilet facilities nearby. There are no bins.

Follow Hill Street to get to Byng Street cafe which serves a full menu of breakfast, lunch, snacks, milkshakes and coffee.

For more on playgrounds across Orange, refer to the Orange City Council map.

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