What Veggies Can I Plant Now?

What Veggies Can I Plant Now? The Avid Gardener

What Veggies Can I Plant Now?

This is probably one of the most common questions we’re asked as gardeners, particularly in spring. 

We are fortunate to live in a unique cool climate which gives us the true wonders of the four glorious seasons, however it also means we are limited to what we can plant and when due to the cold. 

Spring is the most active time of year in the Central West and October is the perfect time to think about tomatoes. Seedlings shouldn’t be planted out until after Melbourne Cup (unless you have the discipline to cover them each night with frost cloth or equivalent) but you can start the process of planting seeds and raising them into strong, healthy plants ready for the ground after November 1. You might also consider companion planting with basil. Both plants enjoy the same soil conditions, assist each other by improving growth and enhancing overall flavour. Basil also assists in repelling some insects. A slice of tomato from the garden wrapped in a fresh basil leaf also happens to be one of the best flavour combinations around!

Other plants for spring veggie patch success and family consumption include lettuce, parsley, zucchini, rainbow chard, rocket, eggplant, micro greens and sweet corn. Plus many, many more. 

Always remember success has a lot to do with the nutrients in your soil, regular moisture and sufficient mulch. A veggie patch is one of the most rewarding things to cultivate at home. 

Here at The Avid Gardener, we have put together a cool climate planting guide for seeds and seedlings specific to our region, including planting hints and tips for success. As a reader of Central West Mums, we’re offering 20% off our calendar – use code CWM20 (with the discount, it’s just $8), the discount includes all of our lovely items in our shop. Woo hoo!!

The calendar is downloadable so you can keep it on your phone for quick use, or get it printed (it’s also visually lovely) and pop it up on a wall for easy reference. 


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