A Complete Experience With Book Orange

A Complete Experience With Book Orange Pictured, Flora Mortimer and Bec Hammond. Credit: Book Orange

Bec Hammond and Flora Mortimer are two energetic women at the helm of Book Orange, a local booking platform business that provides the ultimate experience to guests and locals of the Orange region. I spoke with Bec and Flora to learn more about the full experience they are creating, and some exciting upcoming events.

Can you tell me a little bit more about Book Orange, and how it started?

Bec: Book Orange was born off the back of BNB Made Easy, a short-term rental property management business in Orange, NSW that manages and services B&B accommodation, predominantly owned by locals. Tim and Flora Mortimer, founders and owners, saw the need for a direct booking platform. Book Orange was born! We are a one stop direct booking platform designed specifically to support Orange.

Who are the people behind Book Orange?

Bec: Tim and Flora Mortimer, Orange locals, own and operate both Book Orange and sister company BNB Made Easy. I am the project manager for Book Orange operations, and Aaron Taylor is the business development officer. You will find the ever so wonderful Tiffany Smith at reservations helping you with all of your accommodation needs.

How has Book Orange evolved since it first started?

Flora: At Book Orange we’ve always sought to provide the ultimate experience. But the team decided we could offer even more! The growth of Book Orange has now led us to a complete one-stop shop for travelling guests. We wanted to create a platform that offered more than just accommodation; our newly designed website offers a complete guest experience from itineraries, experiences, guides, accommodation and events. We are all local, offering our advice on where to go, what to see, do, eat and drink. We believe that great experiences create wonderful memories and that the world is a better place when people are smiling. We only suggest businesses, itineraries and events that we believe will achieve this for people.

Book Orange also creates unique events that our community can enjoy. We are not only targeting these events towards travellers and guests, but are purposely creating events that our locals too can enjoy. Two upcoming events are our inaugural Pre-loved Market Day* and A Night In Nashville.

How does Book Orange support the local community?

Flora: By providing a direct booking platform we ensure that money is kept local. What a lot of people may not know is that major booking platforms charge fees that are directly sent outside of our country and out of our region. We offer a better rate through Book Orange than other platforms for the same property.

We also connect guests to local businesses, which flows on to economic benefits for our region. Our local guides and itineraries capture local businesses, driving our guests to visit and make the most of the quality offerings of those local businesses. For us, simplicity is key. Simplicity for the customer and simplicity for the businesses we partner with. Our mission is simple: provide access to memorable experiences that make people smile.

One last question: where do you love to eat out/dine day to night in Orange?

Flora: My go-to is a caramel latte at Anything Grows cafe and at night, I really like to go, Zona, Birdie, Union Bank and Mr Lims.

Bec: So many to choose from as we are spoiled for choice in Orange, but I would have to say my old stomping ground at Good Eddy. For those who don’t know, I owned Belle Armoire Boutique attached to Good Eds. I’m one of those difficult people who orders a fancy coffee with oat/lactose free etcetera.

Our all-time favourite for dining out at night is Lolli Redini, close to our hearts as they catered our wedding, however our other favourites are the Union Bank, Raku and Fiorini restaurant, which takes us right back to our travel days in Italy!

Check out Book Orange here!

Insta: @bookorange.com.au

Facebook: Book Orange

Website: www.bookorange.com.au


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