How To Get Active Everyday

How To Get Active Everyday

Getting up and active every single day all year round is so important for both children & adults alike!

As we face an epidemic of childhood obesity issues in our country, we have the capacity to turn the tide for our own kids and future generations.

Why Is It Important?

In addition to supporting them to eat a variety of healthy foods from the primary food groups, moving regularly is also critical…. and regular exercise comes with so many health benefits, not just relating to healthy weight management.

Moving and playing every day can create great opportunities to connect and have fun with friends, reduce anti-social behaviours as well as support the development of comradery and peer support networks.

Getting involved in sports and other physical activities can also boost self-esteem and assist with the management of many mental and emotional challenges.

Of course, all of those benefits are all in addition to the proven advantages associated with improved general fitness, strong bones and muscles, better coordination and balance, and a reduced risk of unhealthy weight gain and other chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Aerobic Activities:

Brisk walking, swimming or dancing, will raise your heart rate and improve circulation of oxygen around the body.

Resistance Activities:

Lifting weights (light or heavy), climbing stairs, carrying shopping or children, or digging in the garden can improve muscle tone and bone strength.

Sit Less & Move More:

Break up sitting time (at your computer or in front of the tv), by getting up and moving for at least a few minutes every hour, but also consider the following options to get more active:

  • Incidental exercise – take the stairs, use house work to raise your heart rate;
  • Try to walk for 30 minutes a day, even if it’s in 10-minute bursts;
  • Walk the kids to school;
  • Try out a sport or get back into one you enjoyed when younger;
  • Be active with others – support will help to keep you motivated;
  • Look for challenges in your area, eg, fun walks or runs;
  • Do activities you enjoy – you’re more likely to stick with them.

If you can increase this for at least 60 minutes per day, your body will truly thank you for it!


Cherie Rivas

Cherie Rivas is the fresh thinking, straight shooting Women’s Health & Wellness Coach who shares her knowledge and experience in weight loss, psychology, personal training and yoga, together with her studies in nutritional medicine, epigenetics and chronobiology, to inspire and empower other women to rise into the life they love.

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