A Pet Owner’s Guide To Maintaining A Lush Lawn

A Pet Owner’s Guide To Maintaining A Lush Lawn

Your pet spends the majority of their time in your garden, but for some this is at the expense of your lawn. Wear and tear, digging and urine burn are common problems that some lawns just can’t handle. Don’t rip out the lawn (or your hair) in frustration though! Here are some quick fixes to make both your lawn and pet happy.

Wear and Tear

If you have an active dog that loves to run, your lawn can take a beating. Installing a grass that’s tough and wear resistant is a great place to start. Couch Blend is great for high traffic areas and is self-repairing due to the fact that it sends out both underground and overground runners. It works well in the Central West because it likes a lot of sunshine but can handle frost.

If you already have a lawn and your pet is wearing tracks, try placing a pot plant in the way to make them take a different route and give the grass time to repair itself. Reduce the compaction of the grass with extra aeration, and water regularly.


It can become a problem when your pet decides to go rogue and do a little gardening on their own. Boredom is the main cause of destructive behaviour so provide your pet with plenty of toys, walks and things to chew on.

If excavation still appears to be a passion for your pet, a more permanent solution is turf reinforcement mesh. There are different products available, but most simply require you to mow the grass short, roll the mesh over it and peg it down. The grass grows up through the mesh and the roots are protected from your eager pet.

Urine Burn

Urine burn is the dead patches of grass caused by the high nitrogen levels in your dog’s urine. Frequent watering and mowing can help with this problem, as well as adding some dolomite lime which reduces acidity in the soil. There are also products that can be used in your pet’s water that filters out the nitrates, making cleaner water for your pet and reducing the harm to your lawn. If you have any questions about it, talk to your vet for the best advice of what to use.

By using a combination of the tips above, hopefully your lawn and your pet can peacefully coexist. If not, we’ll get working on our article about rock gardens!

Darryl Curran

Darryl is a born and bred Orange local who runs Ecoscape Solutions, an erosion control and revegetation service, with his two brothers. They now offer lawn seeding services to assist families in achieving a great, year-round lawn at an affordable price.

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