Soft Lawns For Soft Feet

Soft Lawns For Soft Feet

When the weather is warm, all we want to do is be outside. But playing on a lawn made up of spiky grass, weeds and other nasty surprises is no one’s idea of fun. It can feel daunting, but it’s actually surprisingly simple to turn your lawn from a pain in the neck to a delight for the feet. Here are three tips to get your lawn looking and feeling great!

1. Choosing the right grass

Every lawn is different so it’s important to choose a grass that can fit your needs. Before choosing, check your soil type and climate to make sure you don’t create more work for yourself! Three types of grass that are work well for Central West backyards are:


This is a hard-wearing lawn that’s good for kids and pets. It grows in a variety of soils and can withstand drought conditions. Frost prone areas like the Central West can cause it to go brown and dormant, so to counter this we often sow kikuyu with a turf type ryegrass. This creates fast cover and longer growth periods in cooler areas.

Couch Blend:

This is a blend of different types of cool season grass including a small proportion of turf type couch and is great for high traffic areas. Often seen on sports fields, it grows well in most soil types and gives a good variety of species for an evergreen yet harder wearing surface.

Fescue / Rye Blend:

This lawn is slightly pickier about its soil and climate, but is extremely resilient and low maintenance if installed over well prepared soils. It is a clumping type blend which doesn’t produce those annoying runners to invade your garden beds, and will stay green all year. More suitable to irrigated lawns in the cooler climate regions.

2. Working with what you’ve got

Don’t worry if you’ve already got grass and don’t want to do a complete lawn overhaul. Fertilising your lawn every three months will nourish your grass, and using a broad leaf herbicide will kill off weeds. Regular deep watering will also help your grass to thrive, especially during the cooler hours of the day during the warmer months.

3. Mowing

Regular mowing makes all the difference. Lift your mower blades to a higher setting to leave the grass longer, providing natural shade and cooling to the roots. Then choose a playlist or a podcast and get ready for your new weekend activity! Mowing the lawn once a week helps the grass to stay healthy, which in turn gives you softer, fresher and greener grass that’s perfect for little feet!

Darryl Curran

Darryl is a born and bred Orange local who runs Ecoscape Solutions, an erosion control and revegetation service, with his two brothers. They now offer lawn seeding services to assist families in achieving a great, year-round lawn at an affordable price.

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