Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton is a journalist, TV presenter, keynote speaker, emcee and runs her own company ShellShocked Media . Where she teaches media training, how to improve your confidence and how to nail your next presentation. Basically, she helps people find their inner Beyoncé.

She’s also smack bang in the middle of perimenopause and had a really rough time until she sought help. So now she is determined to help others.

Her career highlights include 11 years reporting for the ABC, eight years as a presenter on Channel Seven, six years as a journalist at Fairfax and five years as the South Pacific correspondent for Entertainment Tonight USA. Her passion is sharing women’s health stories which started when she was a health reporter on George Negus Tonight for four years.

For the past six years, Shelly has appeared weekly on Channel 9’s TODAY, TODAY EXTRA, 3pm News and Weekend TODAY delivering opinion segments. Plus, she’s the lifestyle presenter for , the host of 9Honey’s Talking Honey, He Said/She Said, Sex, Dating and The Sisterhood, Royal Specials and Married at First Sight’s spin off show Talking Married.

Shelly’s an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Too Good and Pink Hope.

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