Our Thriving Little Small Business Community

Our Thriving Little Small Business Community Image supplied: BDM By The Hour

Many of our CWM’s sport two massive hats: Business Owner by day, Mum by night or vice versa whatever the case may be and over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to watch the small business community across the Central West grow significantly.

Not only is our region being marked on the map for its fantastic landscapes, food and wine, but also for the rich range of products and service-based organisations it’s producing.

One of those home-grown companies is BDM by the hour based in Orange and run by mum of 2, Kirsten Karbowiak.

“One of the main reasons I started BDM by the hour was to be able to help small businesses that would have otherwise not had access to a professional salesperson”.

Having been helping businesses Australia-wide for the past 5 years, they are now prioritising local engagement working within the regions by supporting small businesses and business owners in the sales space to directly impact growth within the Central West.

“There is a thriving small business community here with opportunities left right and centre, so it’s been both exciting and rewarding to shift focus back to our roots this year”.


Hear about BDM by the hour’s approach below and how they have helped some of our local small business owners build their confidence and skills when it comes to sales.

“Kirsten’s sales expertise is invaluable. Her one-to-one coaching held me accountable for improving my sales process. Not only has Kirsten helped me sustain my business in its first year of operation, but I now have the systems in place to expand well into the future! I cannot recommend Kirsten highly enough.”

Ikigai Studio / Marketing Specialist / Eloise Brennan


“Kirsten was just what I needed to get me started when it came to sales. I didn’t like the idea of ‘selling’ and would avoid asking for the sale. As a mentor, Kirsten took me on the journey of the sales process, coaching me and asking questions to get me to stop avoiding the fear of asking and closing the deal. She was able to help me move beyond this and taught me how to engage with my potential clients in a way that felt comfortable for me. I would highly recommend Kirsten as a Sales Mentor.”

Sonia Battye Consulting  / Sonia Battye Principal Consultant


Reach out to Kirsten if you’re keen to hear more about how BDM by the hour can help you sharpen your sales skills and grow your business.