Fresh Fodder – An Interview With Fiona Schofield

Fresh Fodder – An Interview With Fiona Schofield

After starting with humble beginnings 12 years ago in a home kitchen, Fresh Fodder has become a household staple across the country.

Known for their gangster dips with gusto, Fresh Fodder has also become an international favourite, accompanying many cuisines at mealtime around the globe.

Fiona Schofield is the talented Creative Director behind her family’s brand and manages to juggle the high demand of motherhood, while driving big expectations for the growth of the business.

Fiona took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Central West Mums, here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to create fresh fodder?

“Fresh Fodder is the childhood dream of my husband, Max. He is a third generation foodie and I have been lucky enough to come along for the ride with him. The business is totally driven by he and our staff. My role is to assist with the Creative Direction for the brand”.

Tell us a little bit about how Fresh Fodder Started?

“The business itself started 12 years ago in Max’s Mum and Dad’s kitchen and garage in Sydney. The plan was always to bring the business to Orange for its base and we did that 10 years ago. We worked out of a few different small commercial spaces, before settling into our purpose built commercial kitchen and dispatch facility around 8 years ago. We have grown from half a dozen outlets in Sydney to a couple of thousand nationally”.

“We are a family business, owned and operated, and now employ around 30 staff, with almost all of them as Orange locals”.

What drives your passion for dips and what’s in your product range?

“Our passion for the dips started with our coveted recipe for Taramosalata – a traditional Greek Dip – and has expanded from there. You can read the story of how we came to have the best Taramosalata recipe this side of Greece at: Our range includes 10 core dip flavours, offered in a range of pack sizes, as well as 6 soup flavours that are produced seasonally”.

What is it that sets fresh fodder apart from similar products on the market?

“Our products are traditional and authentic, and our brand is a bit fun. It’s the quality product you want to share with your family and friends”.

Do you source local produce for your products?

“We produce in enormous volume, and as such we source from a very small pool of trusted and accredited suppliers. They are a mixture of local, interstate and overseas”.

Where can we get our hands on some of your gangster dips?

“We supply our range to delis, fruit shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants right across all states of Australia. We also sell into stores in Singapore and Hong Kong”

What is your long-term plan for Fresh Fodder?

“To continue to grow and expand our brand presence across the gourmet food retail sector in Australia, becoming more accessible for the customer with a bigger in store presence, and to be the product of choice for serving up to your family and friends”.

Is there anything exciting you can share with us about what’s happening in the next 12 months with the business?

“We have a couple of big things up our sleeves, but nothing that I can disclose just yet”

Are there any products you’d love to expand in to?

“Our core focus is our dip range and that will remain our key area. We are very focused on education around how to use the range as more than just a dip on your Friday evening cheese plate”.

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