Top Swim Spots For Families, Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp

Top Swim Spots For Families, Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp Credit: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

The Blue Mountains have some seriously amazing swimming holes suitable for kids of all ages that offer a great day out in the wilderness.

Cool off in the heat, enjoy the great outdoors and take the kiddos to one of our fave family friendly spots listed below for an unforgettable adventure.

As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Area, the impact on the environment is a huge concern in all natural and protected environments and sunscreen in particular is a hot topic in the Blue Mountains National Park.

If you can avoid wearing sunscreen and wear rashies, long sleeves and hats instead, you’ll reduce your impact and the amount of pollution from sunscreen washing off in the pristine creeks and pools.

As always on nature adventures, be conscious of rubbish and take everything you came with back home. If anyone does need to go to the toilet where there are no facilities, use common sense and move away from waterways (ideally 100m), dig a hole at least 15cm deep and bury number two’s properly!

For more info on leaving no trace check out the NSW National Parks and Wildlife website here.

Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp, near Rylstone and Kandos

Technically not in the Blue Mountains National Park, but very close by on the western fringe in Wollemi National Park, Dunns Swamp is an awesome day trip or camping experience with kids of all ages that doesn’t require hiking in or out. The swamp is definitely much better than it sounds and offers a beautiful swimming hole with a few hundred metres of water to swim, kayak, fish and play on the water accessible from the campground and visitor carpark.

Surrounding the water are stunning rock pagoda structures, mountains and cliffs filled with lyrebirds, lizards and all kinds of wildlife for kids to explore and immerse themselves in the bush. There are a number of walking tracks of varying difficulty, Aboriginal cave paintings and a boat ramp area to launch kayaks or have a swim and dodge the reeds.

There are basic facilities including firepit areas and drop toilets, but this place really requires you to bring everything you need including water. Permits apply to camp and are easily booked through the national parks website.

More info and map are here

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