Ninja Park In Forbes, NSW

Ninja Park In Forbes, NSW

My family and I decided to travel over the weekend from Orange to Forbes and take the kids to the Ninja Park, and it was a pleasant experience.

The Park is located at 2 Grenfell St, across from Woolworths what is a handy location as we could buy some drinks there since we forgot to take ours… blame it on Mum’s brain.

The Ninja Park is a small version of some of the activities we see on The Ninja Warrior Tv show. It even has a timer for the children to press and see how long they can take to complete the obstacle course.

It features a variety of climbing and balancing equipment, all surrounded by a soft fall area. It will be more suitable for children over the age of 4 years due to the physical strength needed.

I have a toddler who just walked around while her brother showed off his ninja skills.

Although the park activities are not suitable for little ones, its location is excellent as it is next to the skate park and netball courts.  So, if you are taking the trip to Forbes, make sure you take the children’s scooters, skates and safety equipment. Also, you could use netball courts and play ball with your little ones.

More positive points to raise are;

  • The number of toilets available for the public and how well maintained they are
  • There are a couple of benches within a covered area that allows parents to picnic if they wish.
  • Parking is easy as there are plenty of spots surrounding the park area.

Negative points are; there are limited shaded areas that allow families to sit on the grass and relax with their little ones.

Lunch Time

At lunchtime, we decided to take on some local’s recommendations and go to the Forbes Inn Hotel. The restaurant area is big, open and clean, and they have parents and accessible toilets.

The menu offers a diversity of Australian food with a mix of Thai recipes and various kid’s meals. Although we ordered a different meal each, we all agreed that the best of all was the marinated crispy chicken with diane sauce on the side.

Snack – my children love ice cream.  While we were walking through the streets, we saw a display of a variety of ice cream at a place called Wattle Cafe located at 85 Rankin St. We decided to try it, and the children loved it.

Tip: Remember to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellant! 


Juliana Wilkinson

I’m Juliana a mother of two children an older boy and a baby girl. I’ve moved to Australia six years ago to live with my ozzy husband, I come from Brazil but I have also lived in the USA for couple years in order to study and travel.

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