Macquariedale Organic Wines – nurturing all things natural

Macquariedale Organic Wines – nurturing all things natural Macquariedale Organic Wines. Credit: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

Macquariedale Organic Wines is a family-run business located in the Towac Valley, Canobolas, producing biodynamic, low-preservative and naturally delicious wines from small parcels of grapes.

Holistic changes

Originally established in the Hunter Valley in 1993, Derice and Ross McDonald’s vineyard was the first there to receive full biodynamic/organic certification in 2005. In 2020 they moved to Orange to establish a new vineyard by giving it the same personal attention to every detail, but importantly the location allowed them to continue their holistic biodynamic farming approach.

Experiences for everyone

Visitors to Macquariedale are welcome. Guests can choose how they taste the wines from a number of options available. There are hosted varietal wine experiences over grazing boards of fresh organic produce overlooking beautiful vistas, guests can take a picnic onto the grassy slopes or wander with their grazing hamper along the tracks of the property through natural bush with outstanding views of Mount Canobolas.

The options allow guests to fully enjoy the ambience amongst the birds, flowers and trees, and they reflect that Derice and Ross are very much about sustainability and being involved in nature doing things they enjoy.

Steeped in connections to nature

The Macquariedale Organic Wine label features their McDonald coat of arms and crest. The design acknowledges their family business which includes their winemaker son, Thomas. The coloured emblems depict each bespoke wine they make. Derice says it also speaks of their passion and focus about sustainability and the well-being it provides.

Only natural products and no synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or systemic chemicals are used at Macquariedale – a firm tick for the McDonald’s as advocates for the wellness industry in general.

With Macquariedale being a biodynamic farm, the owners are very much in touch with their land. They follow the philosophy by Austrian-born Rudolph Steiner who founded the biodynamic approach to agriculture (amongst other things) which today is recognised world-wide for creating socially responsible farms of extraordinary health and beauty while producing organic products of the highest quality and flavour.

In the family

Derice and Ross’s holistic approach to living means they support local organic suppliers for their own food and health care, as well as for their wine production. They look at the impact of their lives and farming in everything they do, and the desire to live and share this message is the reason behind the words ‘The Earth Matters’ on their label – which happens to have the first letters of their children’s names, Thomas, Emma and Matthew.

Celebrate with the best

Macquariedale Organic Wines are an ideal choice for any occasion and celebration. For gifts  or gatherings be sure to try the Blanc de Blanc and Pet Nat sparklings or Rosé which are perfect for grazing platters and light meals of pizza, pasta and salads. The Riesling’s hints of limes and lemons make it a perfect pairing with seafoods, and the Pinot Gris combines well with light summer dishes. But don’t be restricted by this – there is an extensive range.

For any function and event enquiries please also consider this as the ideal location. Macquariedale’s Barn is perfect for small groups and up to 70 guests for all occasions.

“We are very happy to be sponsoring Central West Mums,” Derice said. “It is important to us to support local activities – and especially the Mummy Awards which brings together women and in particular mums. I think it’s a wonderful celebration.”

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  • Macquariedale Organic Wines. Credit: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

  • Macquariedale Organic Wines. Credit: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

  • Macquariedale Organic Wines. Credit: Kirsten Cunningham Photography

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