Like a Duck to Water

As a mum it’s easy to get stuck on the daily hamster wheel of mundane tasks and duties that require fulfilling. So, when the opportunity to try something completely out of the ordinary presents- I will always be the first one there (unless it’s jumping out of a plane- I’m not doing that).

Central West Mum’s teamed up with Orange Pinnacle Dragons to do just that- push mums to get out of their comfort zone, while having a little “me time”. Over the past few weeks many Mum’s have picked up a paddle and given dragon boat racing ago (good on you to those who did).

Sunday the 25th of October, 2020 the weather was raining and cold. I was looking forward to this day so much and contemplated whether it would be cancelled. After no email popped up I headed out to Lake Canobolas. When I arrived at the lake I wasn’t sure if I was the only crazy one and all the other mums had opted to stay in bed. Turns out we were all as excited (and crazy) as each other- a little drizzle wasn’t going to rain on our parade.

After collecting our paddles and putting on life jackets 15 amazing women piled into the dragon boat and pushed off from the shore. Under the amazing instruction of Orange Pinnacle Dragon Boat Veteran Pearl (she’s been dragon boat racing for 14 years), we were off. Doing drills, rowing in time. After 10 minutes on the water I thought “wow we’re so good ready for the next regatta”! I’m not quite sure what was going through Pearl’s mind, but after playing back some video, I think a little more practice is required.

Half an hour in there wasn’t a dry patch on the boat, we were all drenched, I remember the lovely instructor Bree saying to me- you literally have water dripping off you everywhere (insert hypothermia). Nevertheless, I believe the weather added to the experience, we were all having so much fun we stuck it out. Some mums thought it was much better to keep rowing in the rain, then going ashore to deal with children who decided to take a dip fully clothed. There was actually something quite freeing and magical about being in the middle of the lake when it’s raining.

I’ve often watched the dragon boats training on Lake Canobolas and now I’ve experienced first-hand why they love it. I actually loved it so much I plan on joining the Orange Pinnacle Dragons crew. It’s such a fun way to exercise with a lovely group of people and it’s an all-inclusive sport that doesn’t require you to be an extreme athlete to participate. If you’re given the opportunity to try something out of the box and new give it a go. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back, you never know if you’ll get the chance again. Most of the mums I spoke to on the day had never tried anything like Dragon Boating but took to it like a duck to water!

Marianna Saran

Marianna Saran moved from Toowoomba, Queensland to Orange, NSW in 2007 and has called the Colour City Home ever since. She has two gorgeous girls aged 10 & 8.

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