Farvel Pty Ltd

    Orange, Nashdale, NSW, 2800
  +61 438 941 616
Farvel Pty Ltd

Farvel is an Orange based business helping seniors & their families around the world, with life communication tools.

Farvel is a safe, secure and centralised cloud-based portal that helps individuals create, store and share sentimental information and recordings with their loved ones. You can interview a family member about their life, their learnings or their challenges with a range of communication tools. Farvel also offers a safe, centralised space to store your preferences around your funeral, celebration of life and final resting place.

‘Farvel’ means goodbye or farewell in Danish. The Danes are known to be the happiest people on earth (despite their long gruelling winters). Research has found this is largely because they follow the Hygge way of life. Hygge is a concept that is about contentment & wellness and enjoying life by surrounding yourself with good things & good people. They believe in togetherness, indulgence, presence, relaxation and comfort. Our values at Farvel mirror these qualities with a particular focus on gratitude. Being thankful (to the people that have impacted your life) is at the core of our business. Our other values include Generosity, Love, Integrity and Optimism.

Farvel is for and about all the sentimental, non-material things in life. To help us appreciate all the little things that really are, the BIG things.

Farvel aims to give you a level of peace in knowing you have said everything you need to say, in order to farewell those you love. It also seeks to empower you in the realisation that death is inevitable and that your ability to embrace and prepare for this moment, will help you to live a FULL LIFE.

How Farvel can help individuals?

Farvel aims to help those that are thinking about documenting their end-of-life preferences, as well as effectively communicate their love for their family and friends, with a range of safe & easy to use communication tools.

It provides people with the means of increasing communication with their loved ones, giving peace of mind to those that are facing the inevitability of death.

Not only does having a plan help you have peace of mind but it helps your family when the time comes. It means they aren't in the dark, guessing your end-of-life wishes or trying to make big decisions when they are in the throes of grief.

Wouldn't it be nice for your loved ones to hear what they meant to you at your funeral/celebration of life service. Whether it is something little prepared for a select few or to fully prepare your eulogy to be communicated after your death. 

Farvel helps you do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Watch this short 2 min video to see how Farvel can empower you