Torie’s Legacy Provides Vital Funds to Orange Hospital

Torie’s Legacy Provides Vital Funds to Orange Hospital Supplied image: Torie Finnane Foundation

In November 2020, Torie Finnane gave birth to her third child, a beautiful baby girl named Maisie. Torie and her husband Liam were jubilant, but soon after their return home things began to change for the worse. 

Maisie was experiencing breathing difficulties, and her worried parents rushed her back to Orange Hospital where she’d been born. Later that day, Torie became increasingly unwell, with a headache so severe it rendered her unable to talk. 

Maisie was rushed to Sydney hospital for emergency treatment, and Torie returned to Orange Hospital. Maisie has now fully recovered and is a healthy toddler, however Torie a loving mother and a midwife at Orange Hospital sadly did not make it.

Both Maisie and Torie had contracted a bacterial infection, and Maisie spent two weeks in the neonatal ward in Sydney after her mother’s death. 

Following her devastating death, Torie’s husband along with other family members, rallied together to form the Torie Finnane Foundation, established to fund training and resources for Orange Hospital maternity staff. 

Orange Health Services General Manager, Ms Catherine Nowlan, said that while it’s early days yet in terms of exactly how many staff members the funding will assist, it will certainly be a huge benefit to the hospital. 

“The discussions we have had with Liam so far have been productive; however it remains early in the process, so the finer details and logistics are still being determined,” she advised. 

“The aim of the program is to provide Women’s and Infants Maternity Unit and Special Care Nursing staff opportunities to undertake a placement at a metropolitan hospital like the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.”

Ms Nowlan stated that the learning and experience placement will provide an opportunity for registered nurses to  gain valuable clinical experience in a tertiary setting, where they can observe and participate in the clinical care of higher-acuity newborns, which is not commonly seen in our region. 

She added: “Any staff who undertake that placement will be able to bring that specialist experience and  knowledge back to Orange Health Service, in the same way Torie did with her experience at major metropolitan hospitals.”

In addition to the vital training, the funding is also an opportunity for cultural enhancement and a chance to strengthen Orange Hospital’s professional relationship with metropolitan hospitals.

“We are incredibly supportive of the work Liam has already put into the Torie Finnane Foundation and we were pleased to see it officially launched last year. It is an amazing  legacy for Torie to have in Orange and the wider community.”

Ways to help

To donate directly to the Torie Finanne Foundation, or to support the foundation in various other ways, go to their website on this link here.  The 10 Deserts for Torie is a fundraiser taking place between 1-23 May 2023 and more information on this epic journey Jeremy Cowley will embark on can be found on this link here.


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