Modibodi Casting Call

Modibodi Casting Call

Central West Mums are thrilled to be partnering with the multi-award winning Modibodi period and leak-proof apparel.

We’re looking for 5 women from the Central West from all walks and stages of life, to review Modibodi’s range of products, so if you experience any of these – heavy flow, leakage, excess perspiration, and would like to try Modibodi out for a few weeks courtesy of us, this call out is for you!

For years I have been inspired by Modibodi founder Kristy Chong’s story.

Like many of us, Kristy experienced heavy flows that were only ameliorated with a mountain of inadequate, destined for landfill, disposable products. Determined to find a better way that allowed her to feel free and didn’t clog up the planet, she spent 18 months developing the world’s first patented, high-tech, protective underwear that gives women superior comfort and protection, without the need to wear a disposable hygiene product.

After launching in 2013, Modibodi is now a global business that has come up with a solution for all bodies, in all situations – periods, incontinence, pregnancy and postpartum. The range has expanded from period underwear to swimwear, pregnancy wear and lingerie, just have a look at this here.

Not only has Modibodi given thousands of women a new lease on life by managing these leaks with some serious thought and patented manufacturing technology, they are helping save the planet by prioritising sustainable products, something I feel we can all do more of.


What exactly do I have to do?

We want you to have fun! You will received a package of the Modibodi garments you would like to try. After trying them for a few days, we’ll ask you to share how you feel about them going about your regular routine; be it heading to the swimming pool, playing sports, or juggling life in general with kids and a busy family.


We’re looking to film in November, but will work around you.

Will I get paid?

Yes! You will be paid $200, as well as your package of Modibodi products.

Interested to learn more?

Great! Please email me at, and I’ll call you to chat further to help you decide if you’d like to take part.