NAIDOC Week 2021, Heal Country!

NAIDOC Week 2021, Heal Country!

Artist, Sandon Gibbs O’Neill shares his thoughts on NAIDOC Week with the 2021 theme of Heal Country!

This year’s theme is important to me as it shows how our culture and the knowledge we held within the land can be used to heal so much in today’s society. I painted why the theme was important and here is the representation for it.

Heal Country reflects the importance of everyone coming together to acknowledge the longest surviving culture in the world and the Country which has been cared for since time immemorial. The artwork shows that we all need to care for country and stop the destruction of our sacred sites, desecration of the land and pollution of our waterways. This has to happen soon to ensure the land and all its beauty and knowledge can be sustained for our future generations.

The bottom of the painting with traditional symbols reflects the cultural knowledge that is held within the land itself and the importance of sharing this to ‘Heal Country!’ and continue our culture and heritage. The deep reds, browns and earthy tones reflect the landscape with the blues illustrating our oceans and waterways.

The centre circle shows community and everyone coming together from all ages and backgrounds to share knowledge, yarn and care for the land. By healing Country and working together it is not only our land that benefits but our spirit, culture and future are lifted. This positive change is shown with the pathways radiating at the top of the artwork which reflect hope and a journey forward which comes from working together as a respectful community to heal Country.

Amorette Zielinski

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