Glow In The Dark party (5-10 years)

Glow In The Dark party (5-10 years) Cheerful young woman with neon bracelets in dark room

A glow in the dark party is super fun a spectacular theme for kids. With a bit of imagination you can create an exciting party that you can host during the day and can be set up at home. You can choose a room inside your house or a garage or shed is perfect too; you just need to make the room as dark as possible. Black fabric or plastic over windows with some Blu Tack or similar, will do the trick. You can also make a temporary curtain with the plastic too; just cut vertical lines from bottom up and place over doorway which will keep the doorway covered and dark too. Your kids will be talking about this party for a while, guaranteed!


Take a black light torch in your bag when shopping for supplies. You’ll be surprised what will glow. For the party, wear old pants and shoes in case they get paint on them. Daylight will charge up the glow in many Glow items, as will black light torches and globes.


You need an easy clean area, a dark space, black light globes, wall mirrors (eg rent a dance hall), black light torches to power up paints etc.


Black, neons, white


Cake icing made with tonic water will give a slight glow under black light. Just mix in tonic till it is the right consistency (like lemon juice and icing sugar; but tonic instead).  White foods reflect the light; chips, marshmallows, rice, pasta, meringues. You can put neon icing splattered onto brownies to match the tablecloth too.


Black cloth with glow in the dark paint splattered over it used as a tablecloth. You can charge up this paint in daylight. Happy Birthday is fabulous in neon cardboard or a glow stick chandelier. Reflective or hi-vis fabrics work well.

  • Make over room before you enter the party: nail painting with glow in the dark nail polish, tattoo station with glow in the dark temporary tattoos, glow hair spray or hair mascara.
  • Art class – 1. Each kid gets a small canvas to paint with glow paints or 2. Each kid gets a white T-shirt to paint each other/paint fight.
  • Glow sticks jewellery – bangles, necklace, glasses etc
  • Cut open and empty glow sticks into bubble mix. Add to battery operated bubble machine for hours of glowing bubble fun. (Purchase glow sticks that say they are non-toxic and adults should handle it carefully with gloves).
  • Dance party
  • Paint your piñata in glow in the dark paint to look like a glowing moon.

Enjoy the best glowy fun!

Amorette Zielinski

Amorette is a Mum of two boys who often keep her flying by the seat of her pants and a wife to a man who is so much fun to share life with; never dull! Friends often call her a ‘connector’ because she loves putting like minded people together curating experiences for them.

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