How To Search For The Best Electricity Deal In The Central West

How To Search For The Best Electricity Deal In The Central West

How to search for the best electricity deal in the Central West

Whether it’s because of a shocking bill or simply because you’ve had it with not being able to understand your energy invoice, at some point you will be on the hunt for a new electricity deal and we’re here to help you know what to look out for. As well as price, there’s a few other things to investigate, including service levels and whether or not your money is going to be reinvested in Australia. Let’s take a look:

Look for a fixed rate

Electricity rates will either be fixed or variable – variable means the price can change. That means when you look for a plan, look for a fixed rate, so you know the price won’t change for the term of the agreement.

Get a smart meter

Far from being a ‘trick’, a smart meter will enable you to see exactly how much electricity you are using – and when. This puts you in control of how much you’re using on a daily basis – not just when you get your invoice. It also sets you up to let you know what size solar system you might need – if you were thinking to get one.

Hidden fees

On top of the electricity price, check there are no hidden fees like exit fees, payment fees and credit card fees

It’s not always about price

Check who owns the company – many electricity companies are surprisingly foreign owned. Choose a company you know will reinvest into Australian business and operate 100% in Australia protecting Australian jobs and the economy. That goes for their environmental credentials as well – carbon offsets don’t count when your parent company is owned by the world’s largest oil producer.

Energy Made Easy

The government website is the only place you will see all your options. Any other site is a commercial site, that gets paid a commission when you join via their pages – of course this cost will be passed on to the customer somewhere down the line.

Support local when you switch

Bright Spark Power are the 100% Australian owned and operated choice in electricity provider in Orange, and Central West NSW. They have a fantastic Aussie Smart Flat Rate plans for homes in Orange, with one of the lowest electricity rates compared on Energy Made Easy. Bright Spark Power have a local team based in Orange who love attending the regular farmers market and enjoy the family atmosphere the city has to offer.

Get $25-off your electricity when you switch to Bright Spark Power

If you’ve had a look and Bright Spark Power work out to be the best electricity provider for you – as a friend of Central West Mums you can get $25 electricity credit when you join via our friend-link.

Changing electricity suppliers can sit high on the admin list for weeks – or months! But switching is truly easy, taking around 5 minutes – and you won’t have to call your current provider, that will all be done for you. Good luck – and let us know about your experience on Central West Mums’ Facebook group.

This post is sponsored by Bright Spark Power.