Landscape design – Digging Deep and getting the ground work right

Landscape design – Digging Deep and getting the ground work right

My kids realised pretty early on in their lives that I was the “20 questions Mum”.  In fact they warn their friends before meeting me for the first time!

I was always a ‘curious type’ however my profession as a landscape designer has highlighted the importance of asking the right questions up front to create the best plan for your favourite plants to grow and thrive in.

Before embarking on any outdoor design, big or small, I need to know “why, who, what, how and when”!

Sometimes all the questions asked seem a bit O.T.T, however if you don’t ask, the end result just won’t fit the users, project purpose or challenges of the site.

All the variants keep a landscape designer’s job very interesting indeed, as do the extreme seasonal changes that a garden is a ‘first responder to’.

Depending on where you are up to in life, your ‘driver’ for creating & keeping a garden will change as will your free time & resources for construction and maintenance.  These are the puzzle pieces that need to be put together in the right order to plan and build a garden from the ground up.  You don’t need to waste time planting the wrong things in the wrong place.

Call a landscape designer to get your ‘little piece of heaven’ growing right from the very start.

Sarah Hoskin

Sarah Hoskin, landscape architect, horticulturalist, mother

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