Morning sickness relief with Mothers Health

Morning sickness relief with Mothers Health

Strikingly, morning sickness affects up to 90% of pregnant women but it is often overlooked as an illness and considered the ‘norm’. Its unwanted symptoms of nausea or vomiting commonly occur in the first trimester and can happen at any time of the day, so it is isolating and physically challenging. The result is added pressure to the demands of work and raising a family – leaving many women feeling unsupported during a time that’s meant to be incredible.

That is why Bathurst working mum Amber – who suffered morning sickness for much of her early pregnancies – and doctor-husband Roly have launched their business Mothers Health which offers natural product-lines reducing the symptoms of morning sickness.

“It’s important to support women with morning sickness so they can do what we are doing now; building a home and future, working and having babies, and feeling well,” she said.

New beginnings start with a single step

After the recent south coast fires, Amber and Roly moved to Bathurst, then lost their new home to fire. Undaunted by the set back and still determined, they have been warmed by the extraordinary support of the local community.

“The community in Bathurst was an amazing support; we were helped out with immediate supplies and within a few days had longer term accommodation organised which allowed us to start rebuilding our lives,” she said.

The way to everyday wellness

After many trials to combat her morning sickness throughout this time the couple created a treatment that enabled her to continue day-to-day life with wellness.

Following the success of the treatment they realised the potential of supporting others with morning sickness to combat it and stay at their best by preparing it for sale using evidence-based active ingredients.

The creation of the Mothers Health products, since their lived experience with the sickness and adversity, has helped Amber and Roly regain control of their lives and helped many others do the same.

Restore, Protect, Revitalise

Now, with a successful launch of two key products behind them, Mothers Health’s mission is to help women through every stage of their mothering journey by offering products that ring true to their personal ethos – Restore, Protect, Revitalise – allowing mums to be present and enjoy those wonderful parenting moments.

“We have two products for morning sickness,” Amber explains. “Morning Wellness PLUS offers mothers-to-be wonderous relief with two active ingredients vitamin B6 and ginger; and Morning Wellness which boasts the effectiveness of vitamin B6 alone for those who don’t gel with ginger. They’re crafted specifically for pregnant mammas’ taste buds and are perfect for sensitive tummies.”

“Mothers Health products help support a mother by being there through every step and they do so with goodness at the forefront,” she said. “The natural world around us is the very cornerstone for our little ones and their planet’s future.”

A mother’s secret weapon

That’s why these products contain no hidden nasties like preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours. They come in Australian-made sachets in a variety of fruit flavours for when on-the-go or when discretion is important. They also contain electrolytes to help mums restore pep in their step. Just add water.

To launch with a bang and to tackle the biggie for many, Mothers Health is proud to introduce its answer to pregnancy nausea relief with Morning Wellness and Morning Wellness PLUS to Central West Mums.

You just have to say ‘yes’ to restore your wellness!

Footnote: On New Year’s Day 2020, Amber and Roly’s daughter, Saga, was born premature and underweight as a direct consequence of the smoke generated during the Black Summer bushfires. That’s with every purchase of Morning Wellness or Morning Wellness PLUS, 1% of profits are donated to climate action. Another 1% of profits are also donated to preterm birth support. “So,” as Amber says, “we guess you could say mammas can feel good while doing good.”

Morning Wellness is available to purchase at Capital Chemist Bathurst or online by visiting

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.

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