10 Things To Do If You’re Reaching Burnout

10 things to do if you’re reaching burnout

  1. Connection. We are human beings who thrive in a tribe. Reach out to a friend, peer, mentor or coach.
  2. Journal. Write down all the thoughts going on in your head. Take 5 minutes and clear your mind of the noise.
  3. Breathe. Take three long breaths, close your eyes.
  4. Self-compassion. Listen to what words you use towards yourself. Use words of kindness rather than judgement. Meet yourself when things are hard and lovingly support yourself in these moments. When you are able to do this for yourself, you are better able to show compassion for others.
  5. Gratitude. Write down or think of three things you are grateful for. Remember how you felt, let that feeling flood your body.  I am grateful you are practising self care and and prioritising taking care of yourself.
  6. Relaxing activities. List enjoyable activities that make you feel relaxed, so you have a go-to list when you need it. This is tailored to you and might include…a phone-call to a good friend, stepping outside for some fresh air, dancing to your favourite music, having a cuddle with a pet or a human.
  7. Prioritise self-care. Look at the day ahead and start by planning “free time” for yourself, then schedule the family and work tasks next. This could time to go for a walk, have a bath or a quiet cup of tea.
  8. Sleep. The best way to support your wellbeing is to have 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If that is not possible, consider adding a 10-20 minute power nap into your day. Good sleep leads to better health and longer lifespan.
  9. Accomplishment. Celebrate the wins – as often as you can. Celebrate that you have taken the time to do some of the points above – took time to go for a walk, had a call with a friend, an accomplishment at work, or a connected moment with your children.
  10. Meaning. Who are you as a human being not a human doing? Do you take time to imagine the life you really want for yourself? Are you clear on who you want to be and what you really want to have? If you want help diving into this I suggest you work with a coach.

I am a coach for doctors and exhausted women and I would love to help you overcome burnout and get your energy back. I have free consultations for my Burnout to Buoyancy program. Book your call here.

If you’d like to listen to The Burnout Recovery Podcast, you can tune in by following this link.

Jo Braid

Dr Jo Braid is a Life coach and MD specialising in burnout. She helps exhausted women overcome burnout and get their energy back. Jo lives in Orange, NSW, Australia with her husband and 3 lively sons. She continues to practice medicine as a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Physician part time. Jo enjoys a hit of tennis any day of the week and plays her violin in a string quartet, The Moderatos.

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