Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist, Sorted

Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist, Sorted

From the kitchen to the bedroom, our handy spring-cleaning checklist will have your home spotless!


All Rooms

  • Test your smoke detectors and change the batteries.
  • Use a pillowcase to clean ceiling fans – simply slip the opening over the fan blade and pull the dust off. This way, the dust will stay inside the pillowcase, not all over you!
  • Wipe down baseboards and check for mould, and clean windowsills and tracks.
  • If you can, give your curtains a wash or a good vacuum.


  • Empty your bedside and dresser drawers and give them a thorough wipe down. Keep your items organised by adding simple dividers or some boxes. Old shoe boxes work a treat!
  • Swap out winter clothes for summer in your wardrobe. Buying some matching, velvet hangers is a great way to make your closet look uniform and neat, with the bonus of stopping your clothes from slipping off.
  • Rotate your mattress and strip-clean your bedding. You’ll thank us later!


  • If you’ve been eyeing off pretty glass containers to decant your laundry products, now is the time to try it out! If that’s not your style but you want to get more organised, pop your containers onto a tray or bin.
  • Your cleaners need a clean – it’s time to get behind your washer and dryer and empty both their lint traps!


  • Sort out the food in your pantry. Holding on to that packet of Persian fairy floss you’ll never use? It’s time to go. Check the dates your pantry goods and shuffle any soon-to-expire items to the front to use first.
  • Empty out your fridge and defrost your freezer if it’s in need. Give all the surfaces and bins a good wipe down. If you’re finding it hard to sort your jars and sauces, invest in a lazy Susan for ease of access.

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Ali Broinowski

Wife, mother, business owner, taxi driver, negotiator, organiser and lover of all things interiors - Ali has lived and worked in Central NSW for over 25 years. Having experienced first hand how overwhelming things can be when preparing a home for sale, moving house and more - she decided it was time to help!

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