Orange Credit Union Supports The Salvation Army Toy And Gift Drive

Orange Credit Union Supports The Salvation Army Toy And Gift Drive OCU Branch and Christmas Tree

In the spirit of Christmas, team Orange Credit Union are supporting The Salvation Army Toy and Gift Drive.

Orange Credit Union are encouraging community and their customers to donate gifts and toys under their beautiful Christmas tree at the Orange Credit Union branch located at 288 Summer Street.

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew de Graaff said ‘giving back’ to the community remains a big part of the fabric of Orange Credit Union and we are delighted to once again support those in need through this worthy donations program.

“At this time of the year and now more than ever, it is important ‘give back’ to the community in any way we can and spread some Christmas Cheer,” Mr de Graaff said.

“It’s been a particularly challenging year for our regional community coming out of drought, pandemic lockdowns, lingering effects of COVID-19 and now flooding. The resillience of our community should be commended and we are grateful for the strong connections to help overcome these setbacks.”

Orange Credit Union recently announced a $34,000 contribution in FY2021 through direct donations to the regional community, including Community Support Grants, financial education forums and information nights.

You can place a new wrapped or unwrapped gifts under the tree until December 20, 2021 which is the collection date, where the Salvation Army will then distribute the gifts for Christmas day. If you are wrapping your gift, please tag it with boy/girl and appropriate age.

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