How To Prepare For The School Holidays Amidst The Uncertainty

How To Prepare For The School Holidays Amidst The Uncertainty

The last few months have not been without their challenges. We’ve been in lockdown, battling remote learning from our often already remote locations and unsure of what the future holds.

And now we have school holidays on the horizon.

It’s hard to get a pep in your step about the holidays when there is so much uncertainty in the air. We’re tired and so are our kids. What does that mean for the holidays?

No-one really knows. What we do know is that we can put some strategies and plans in place to keep our kids engaged, happy and stress free during the holidays. Here are some tips.

Device free days

Your feelings towards devices are probably bittersweet right now. You’re simultaneously grateful for them and resentful of how much time your kids are spending on them.

Whatever you’re feeling, the holidays are probably a good time for a digital detox… for the kids and the parents.

Depending on your kids, the idea of device free days might be laughable, but it might simply be about putting some limits on screen time. Telling the kids to put down their devices and get out into the sunshine probably won’t get you the best result. Here are a few alternative ideas:

  • Get the kids to do chores or family time activities to earn device time.
  • Go all in together and lock away your devices at a certain time. While they are locked away, so some planned family activities or simply enjoy a screen free activity such as reading a book.
  • Replace screen time with something else they love – crafting, cooking, reading, whatever will get them excited.

It is impossible to not have any screen time, but the time your child spends on screen time can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Step outside

We are so lucky to live in the beautiful part of Australia that we do. We’re blessed with open spaces and the best that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s amazing what happens when you step out into the fresh air and get a little sunshine on your skin.

Here are some ideas for making the most of the outdoors this school holidays:

  • Pack a picnic lunch and head into the backyard
  • Take your crafting or reading outside
  • Task the kids with designing their own obstacle course outside
  • Set up a reading nook by the window if the weather isn’t conducive to heading outside
  • Make time each day to go for a walk or a bike ride as a family

Mindfulness matters

The last 18 months have really taken a toll on all of us. And our kids are no exception to that. The last few months in particular have been challenging. The kids are missing friends and extended family and feeling the pressure of the huge change in their routines.

If you aren’t already using it, mindfulness and meditation can make a big difference to both you and the kids in whatever you’re dealing with.

Here are some ideas to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude into your holidays:

  • A quick Google search will reveal endless short, guided meditations. Pick one to start each morning with or alternatively find one that will work for bedtime.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is another online option that the kids love. If you do it with them it’s also a fun activity for you all to get your bodies moving more.
  • Encourage the kids to journal through the school holidays. They might like to write down their thoughts and feelings each day or perhaps just record what they are most grateful for each night before they go to bed. Whatever way they go, writing things down can make a big difference.

Remember, if you think you or your kids need more help coping with the lockdown situation, you should reach out to a medical professional for help.

Book vacation care if you need it

Remember that the Gowrie vacation care programs are there if you need them. They understand that not everyone can keep their children at home during the holidays, so they’ve planned a fun program to keep the kids entertained and busy.

The programs have been designed within the NSW Health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of your children as a priority.

Gowrie Vacation Care Kelso is running a textile day, colour fun run, crazy hair, creative day, PJ party, let’s visit Italy day. At Vacation Care Bathurst West the program includes tye dye, heroes vs villains, sensory day and a jumping castle extravaganza. Finally, at Vacation Care Kinross Wolaroi the kids can participate in Harry Potter or Halloween science, messy play day, a fashion show and a master chef class. The daily activities on offer may change due to NSW Health Advice and Restrictions. Please read email communications from the program to be informed of any updates or changes to the program.

At Kinross Wolaroi Vacation Care, children aged 4-12 from all schools are welcome to attend. The educators are there to support your children and help them to explore, learn and play through what is a very challenging time.

At the Gowrie NSW website you can learn more about the programs and book a place for your child.

This post is sponsored by Gowrie NSW.