Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Breast Cancer Awareness month

Your breast tissue is incredibly delicate and needs tender loving care.

If you don’t give your breasts proper support from a well-fitting bra, your delicate breast tissue will start to stretch and sag and it can’t be reversed.  Breast tissue is not made up of a lot of muscle, so can be easily damaged.

It’s estimated up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so its really important to get measured for your bras and make sure your sports bras are up to a good workout. Exercise is key to health and if your sports bras are old and have lost elasticity, they’re not doing their job, which is to prevent damage to your breast tissue from stretching both up and down and sideways, as you move.

It is also really important to check your breasts regularly. We recommend you check your breasts once a month, and as a good reminder our motto is “Feel them on the first”.  So on the first of every month take your time to check your breasts properly for any lumps or abnormalities.  Your breasts go from under your arms, right across to the centre of your chest, and from high up on your breast bone, right done to under your breast tissue.

Early detection is the key to any cancer, and breast cancer is no different.

If you do find something a bit different, no matter what, please see your GP and book an appointment at your local Breast Screen.  Even if your GP doesn’t think there is a problem, don’t give up.  Get a second opinion and keep going until you are certain one way or the other.

These days breast cancer isn’t a life sentence.  So please check regularly and get help early.  You are welcome to visit Breast Screen NSW.  

Philippa Mitchell

Professional bra fitter for all women through every stage of life.

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