The Willows Preschool and Early Learning Centre

The Willows Preschool and Early Learning Centre

The Willows has been working alongside families since 1997. We believe, from their moment of birth, each child is a capable, creative, competent human being with the skills and resources needed to fulfil their innate desire to make sense of their world. Respect, relationships, and promoting a sense of belonging are foundational to all that we do at The Willows.

Known for offering children unhindered access to our expansive, natural outdoor environments, The Willows values connection to nature; freedom of movement; uninterrupted stretches of time to explore deeply; and trusting children’s innate and unique script for development. At The Willows, the opportunity and time for children to engage in deep, experiential, play-based, and self-directed learning is prioritized and supported by our sensitive and experienced educators. Our team consists of highly skilled, passionate, supportive, and innovative professionals committed to providing the best possible early education and care for children, families and our community. In fact, we are proudly home to the most recent recipient of Central West Mum’s "Educator of the Year" award!

We respect children’s right to be, to revel in the here-and-now and to experience all that it is to be a child. We also recognize our responsibility to support who they are becoming.

It is our hope that we can nurture the development of individuals who:

1.     Have a strong sense of identity. Individuals who truly know and love who they are. Who are not afraid of trial and error, are excited by challenge, are intrinsically motivated, and have a deep sense of responsibility, agency and autonomy.

2.     Are socially competent, empathetic, advocates for equality and inclusion. Who have a joy for diversity and who question bias and unfairness.

3.     Are environmentally-aware, sustainability-minded, eco-warriors.

4.     Are healthy, strong, and resilient. Who make positive and informed lifestyle choices and have physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

5.     Are seekers and sharers of knowledge, have a strong sense of awe and wonder, and a deep love of learning. Individuals who understand how they think and learn.

6.     Are articulate, competent and confident verbal and non-verbal communicators and interpreters.

7.     Are technologically competent and able to thrive in a world of constant technological advancement.

8.     Are curious innovators, creators, questioners, thinkers, world-changers.

We hope to see you around The Willows soon!