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Orange First Aid Training

Welcome to Orange First Aid Training, your local partner in first aid training and education based in Orange.

As a family-owned business deeply embedded in the Central West community, we recognize the critical importance of accessible, high-quality first aid training tailored to the unique needs of families and individuals in our wonderful region.

Our Philosophy:

Rooted in over two decades of expertise in allied health and sports environments, our approach combines professional rigor with a welcoming, community-oriented spirit. We offer a range of first aid courses designed to equip participants with life-saving skills through practical and engaging training sessions.

Flexible Learning Options:

Understanding the challenges of balancing work, family, and personal commitments, we have designed our booking system to be as flexible as possible. You can schedule a course at any time through our online platform, which operates 24/7.

Our commitment to reliability is shown in our steadfast policy: no course cancellations, regardless of enrollment numbers. This ensures that every registered participant can rely on us to deliver training as planned.

Training Tailored to Community Needs:

Each of our courses, from basic first aid to specialized CPR and emergency response training, is led by experienced instructors who focus on practical skills essential for immediate and effective first aid intervention.

Our training sessions are concise, designed to integrate seamlessly into busy schedules, and held at locations that are easily accessible to everyone in the Central West.

Community Engagement and Support:

Beyond providing first aid training, we see ourselves as an integral part of the community fabric. We strive to foster a supportive learning environment that not only teaches but also instills confidence to act in emergencies. This commitment is reflected in our strong local reputation, upheld by over 240, 5 star reviews from past participants.

Future Directions:

Looking forward, Orange First Aid Training is committed to continually enhancing our training programs and extending our reach within the community. We aim to introduce new courses that address evolving health and safety needs, ensuring our curriculum remains current and our community well-prepared.

Invitation to Join Us:

We warmly invite you to explore the range of courses we offer at Orange First Aid Training. Whether you are looking to learn basic first aid skills, become certified in CPR, or simply want to ensure you’re prepared to handle emergencies, we are here to provide the training you need. Let’s work together to enhance safety and preparedness in our community.

Thank you for considering Orange First Aid Training. We look forward to supporting your journey in learning essential first aid skills and becoming a confident responder in times of need.