Jones & Smith Distillery

Jones & Smith Distillery is our family owned craft distillery located in Central West NSW idyllically situated between Orange, Spring Hill & Millthorpe.

Our spirits are 100% authentically crafted and aged in the heart of the Central West.

We use only the finest quality ingredients when it comes to our malted barley, botanicals and fruit, and are proud of our pure water supply.

We have passionately worked with an independent environmental consultant to ensure all of our waste is treated and disposed of on-site to very happy cattle and pastures.

We are the home of the award winning EPOCH Gin Series.

If Australian Single Malt Whisky or Bandy are what you like to indulge in, well the wait is almost over. Join our mailing list and socials and we will keep you posted on their very anticipated first releases. 

Tony Jones has had a long-term dream of creating authentic Australian Single Malt Whiskies and other really great spirits, and it was in 2017 when our family combined to turn this dream into a reality.

Our name was derived from a culmination of Tony & Dot Jones, and our daughter, Kylie, and husband Nicholas Smith. It’s the driving force of us 4 who look forward to bringing you unique local products and experiences very soon. 

“It’s about believing in what you are doing, and enjoying who you are doing it with.”