Cradled by Karis Sleep Consultant

I am an infant and child sleep consultant based in Orange. As well as being a sleep specialist I have a diploma in Children's Care, Learning & Development and over a decade of experience working with babies and toddlers. I am also a mum to my beautiful daughter Saige, so rest assured you are in safe hands with me.

How do I work? I believe to truly make a difference to a child's sleep long term we must firstly uncover the "why". Why exactly is your child not sleeping? What is getting in their way? Once we have figured this out then we can work on creating a plan that will implement gradual changes to help your family reach their sleep goals - supporting your baby every step of the way.

I work with families on a 1:1 basis either in their home or online. Providing support, education and reassurance. I believe its important as parents that we acknowledge the fact that everyday is not going to be picture perfect- and that's okay. Understanding this and having the skills to navigate your way through these days makes life a whole lot easier (and more enjoyable).

Parents need their sleep too and that's certainly nothing to feel guilty about!

If you are considering reaching out for sleep support I would love to help.

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