Amanda Sanders

Amanda (Mandy) Sanders is a mom of two, her son Daniel is 27, lives with his wife here in Orange and works at Ross Hill Wines; her daughter Emily is 15 and home schooled; Mandy, her husband Phil and their two children emigrated here to Orange from England 14 years ago and have made it their home.

Mandy is the owner and director of SpiritAbility, a disability support service here in Orange, she started SpiritAbility two years ago when she realised the need in rural New South Wales for well supported and trained disability support. Amanda helps individuals living with a disability to live their life to the fullest, as independently as they are able. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and ensuring standards of support are of a high standard.

Mandy’s values are compassion, dignity and respect and this is very much a part of the ethos behind SpiritAbility. Mandy wishes to see a future where all individuals living with a disability are enabled to live a life of their own design, not one that they have no control over. Every human has dreams and aspirations and SpiritAbility aims to help every individual they support to achieve these.

Mandy is available to discuss your disability support requirements or for business development consultations. You can reach her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or at