Sandra Buchler

Dr Sandra Buchler is a board registered Specialist Paediatric Dentist in the Central West, NSW. In fact, she is the only locally based Paediatric Dentist this side of the mountains!
Dr Sandra worked as a general dentist in Orange for a few years before heading back to Westmead Hospital and The Children's Hospital at Westmead for further specialists training over 4 years.

Dr Sandra specialises in all things oral health for the newborn through to the adolescent particularly;

Dental decay, pain, infections
Dental anomalies
Dental Trauma
Children with complex dental health problems
Children with special needs
Children with phobias and dental anxiety
Children requiring sedation including happy gas and General anaesthesia for treatment
Children with additional needs including behavioural challenges
Children with Chalky teeth
Children with medical needs including Autism, non verbal, ADHD, Syndromes, Wheelchair bound, Cardiac conditions and more.

Dr Sandra consults from rooms in Orange and Forbes. While most of Dr Sandra's patients are referred, a referral is not necessary.
Dr Sandra and team look forward to helping all mum's in the Central West!

Love your teeth!

  • Sandra Buchler