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Creative Writing Workshops

Join me for Creative Writing Workshops and Courses which nurture a love of writing, emphasise fun, use simple writing techniques and processes, and aim to generate self confidence in and a passion for the skill.

  • Workshops and Courses are bespoke to your needs… Do you want to focus on writing a book? Or perhaps start a blog, write some poetry or biography, develop fictional characters, fall into Fantasy, romance… your wish becomes our workshop! 
  • Run one-on-one, by a professional writing mentor, with a vast library of resources and experience.
  • Use your Creative Kids Voucher. Workshops cost $100 for 1 hour.
  • For all ages.
  • Organise your workshop to a time which suits you! Available via Skype or FaceTime.


  • Buy 5 Workshops get one HALF PRICE
  • Buy 10 Worshops get one FREE
  • $100 OFF Creative Writing Courses