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The Kitchen Garden – A Simple Guide To Making Your Own Compost

Compost is gold in the garden…

Better yet, it’s super easy to make, the whole family can be involved and it’s the ultimate in recycling. You can feel good about doing your small bit for the planet by diverting waste from landfill whilst also creating a wonderfully nutrient rich soil in your very own back garden. Your plants will love you for it.

Compost is basically a mixture of garden and food waste. There are many recipes and containers available for making compost. All have their value. The simplest method is to layer.

You will need:

An old garbage bin with a lid
Gardening gloves
Dry waste (such as straw, shredded paper)
Kitchen waste (do not use meat, fish or dairy products as this will attract vermin)
Garden waste (such as lawn clippings, old plants and soil)

Cut out the entire bottom of the garbage bin and press holes in the sides to create airflow.

You’re now ready to make compost!

Layer your waste. Dry waste first. Kitchen waste second. Lastly, garden waste. Water in thoroughly and put on the lid.

Keep adding layers as and when you need. From now on, always cover your kitchen or garden waste with a layer of dry waste, remembering to water in well and cover.

Once your bin is full, mix the compost and wait for it to break down.  You’ll know it’s ready to use when it turns into a beautiful dark and flaky soil.

Use generously around the garden. Particularly in the veggie patch. Once you’ve made a batch, you’ll want a few bins on the go. Trust me, it’s addictive!