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Creative Writing Workshops

Join me for Creative Writing Workshops and Courses which nurture a love of writing, emphasise fun, use simple writing techniques and processes, and aim to generate self confidence in and a passion for the skill.

  • Workshops and Courses are bespoke to your needs… Do you want to focus on writing a book? Or perhaps start a blog, write some poetry or biography, develop fictional characters, fall into Fantasy, romance… your wish becomes our workshop! 
  • Run one-on-one, by a professional writing mentor, with a vast library of resources and experience.
  • Use your Creative Kids Voucher. Workshops cost $100 for 1 hour.
  • For all ages.
  • Organise your workshop to a time which suits you! Available via Skype or FaceTime.


  • Buy 5 Workshops get one HALF PRICE
  • Buy 10 Worshops get one FREE
  • $100 OFF Creative Writing Courses

    Creative Writing Course

    These online Fiction and Non-Fiction Creative Writing Courses have been designed to see the writer plan and complete the writing of a book, with the guidance of a professional writing mentor. They are for ages 7 to adult.

    The courses are run over five online video workshop modules, with mentor feedback after each module on the writer’s individual work. The video workshops are Lifetime Access so the writer can produce many works of fiction, long after the course has been completed.

    The course is taken at the writer’s own pace. Use your Creative Kids Voucher toward the course. 

    Writer’s will learn the same writing techniques published authors use, in fun and interactive sessions, aimed at generating a passion for, and self-confidence in writing.

    The modules are delivered via video, and the highly individualised and consistent feedback from a professional writer and mentor is delivered via email. This course structure will facilitate the writers work to completion.