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Bathurst Cycling Classic

The 2021 Bathurst Cycling Classic incorporates several events across three days; The Hill Climb brought to you by Renshaw’s Pedal Project, Criterium Racing and the B2B 100km Course, starting and finishing in the Bathurst CBD. 

New to the Bathurst Cycling Classic in 2021 is The Bathurst Tour. Currently the only Tour available in NSW, test your limits by competing across the weekend in all three Bathurst Cycling Classic events. Unique to the Bathurst Cycling Classic, The Tour will offer equal available size fields, equal depth of competition and equal prize money
for both men and women. 

The Tour will kick off Friday 12 March with the The Hill Climb brought to you by Renshaw’s Pedal Project at twilight on a new course on the Mount Panorama Track. Tackle 3.2km of steep ascent as you scale the Mount from Pit Straight to Brock Skyline (Castrol Tower).

Criterium Racing will be held on Saturday 13 March at the Mount Panorama Pit Complex for all Bathurst Tour entrants only. 

Finish off a weekend of epic cycling with the B2B 100km road race on Sunday 14 March, commencing and finishing in the beautiful Bathurst CBD. Push yourself on this undulating course surrounded by stunning landscape whilst racing on fully closed roads.

Participants in the Bathurst Tour will compete to accrue points in all three cycling events across the Bathurst Cycling Classic. With an overall prize pool on offer valued at over $15,000 this a cycling event you do not want to miss.


    The Benefits Of Vacation Care for School Aged Children, Central West

    School holidays are meant to be idyllic, right?  Long family board games, walks on the beach, picnics and trips to the movies. Making memories.  Ummm.  Sometimes.

    And then sometimes school holidays go more like this…

    …constant arguments about getting off technology. Away from screens. ‘Have some outdoor time’.  ‘Stop fighting with your sister’.  Boredom. Add in your work and home commitments and school holidays suddenly become something you dread. No idyllic holiday moments in this household.

    A good quality Vacation Care Program benefits both children and parents. It provides stability and entertainment, giving parents space and opportunity to breathe. And work.

    What to look for in a Vacation Care program

    A good vacation care will encourage children to become active learners through thinking investigating, exploring and problem-solving. A good program is built on positive interactions, enriching experiences and providing a safe, happy and empowering environment.

    Not battling to get them off screens or social media.

    5 reasons to use your local vacation care

    Keep the routine –

    Maintaining a consistent routine is good for everyone’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, school holidays can disrupt even the best routine. Hello late nights and sleep in’s. It can be a hard few weeks settling back into the school term after the disruption.

    But… with regular vacation care, your children will have a consistent morning routine. They will look forward to it as the program is engaging, fun and social.

    Real ‘social’ …not screen social.

    School holidays can make it more difficult for our children to have regular contact with their friends.  They may even feel isolated. But, at holiday care, or vacation care, they have the opportunity to not only see their friends regularly but also make new ones.

    Vacation care also encourages group activities, like sports and team games. Interacting with other children means that they will continue to work;

    • communication
    • conflict resolution
    • empathy skills during the school holidays.
    • confidence and resilience.

    Never, ever, bored. (that big scary word)

    It’s no secret the phrase most parents detest is ‘I’m bored’.

    That’s because school holidays can seem awfully long for parents and children if there isn’t a lot to keep them busy. Holiday care is a cost-effective solution.

    Daily programs offer an action-packed schedule of hands-on creativity, exploration, investigation, and fun! From art & drama to science and sports.

    Qualified ‘really fun’ educators

    Finding a carer or babysitter in the holidays isn’t easy. After all there are only so many favours you can call in.  Most parents can’t take time off every holiday period to look after their children.  At Vacation Care, your child will be supervised, engaged, and encouraged at all times. Interacting with different adults in a relaxed, happy and friendly environment also improves children’s communication skills.

    Time for yourself

    We’ve said it before…this parenting gig is tough. School terms can feel like groundhog day again and again, and quite often we run ourselves ragged trying to keep on top of children, school, work, household, extended family and friends.

    School holidays aren’t just about your kids. They can be a good reminder to take some time for yourself to be the very best parent you can be.

    Right here in the Central West region

    April School Holidays are approaching fast!  The Central West is lucky enough to be home to some of NSW’s most popular School Holiday / Vacation Care programs.

    There’s something to engage the imagination of every child, and their friends.

    Plus, we provide a healthy afternoon tea at no extra cost.

    Kinross Wolaroi Vacation Care – ph: 0427 490 914

    Bathurst West Vacation Care – ph: 0438 247 606

    Kelso Vacation Care – 0427 490 914


    You don’t need to attend the school to register for their Vacation Care Programme.

    You don’t need to go every day – you can mix and match depending on your family needs – attending as little as a day a week, or full time.

    About your local Vacation Care provider Gowrie NSW

    At Gowrie NSW, we encourage your child’s natural curiosity, exploration and problem solving in our quality Vacation Care Centres. Our world-class educators and staff value and respect your child’s ideas, and support them to build positive relationships with others.

    Our Vacation Care program is built on positive interactions, enriching experiences and providing a safe, happy and empowering environment.

    Our parents say…

    “I just wanted to thank you, and the team, for a wonderful term 3. My girls have been really happy attending care with Gowrie NSW this year, and it really comes down to the passion, creativity and interaction each of you are sharing with them.”

    To secure your spot in a quality Vacation Care program call  (02) 8571 9700

    This post is sponsored by Gowrie NSW


    Bathurst Scots All Saints College Preparatory School – Opening 2021

    As the population of young families moving to pockets of the Central West increase, there is a huge demand for available spots in pre-schools and prep schools.

    News off the press

    In Bathurst, Scots All Saints have announced they will provide the school readiness children need prior to entering the Early Learning Stage 1 curriculum for Kindergarten. Construction is already underway on a purpose-built, modern Preparatory School on the All Saints Campus to be ready for the start of 2021.

    Head of College, Mr John Weeks said, “the Scots All Saints College Preparatory School will form an integral part of our educational offering , providing 4 and 5 year olds with an outstanding start to their education”.

    Also known as “The Prep School”, it is the only pre-school option in the Bathurst region which is part of a New South Wales Education Authority Registered K-12 school.

    “It will offer 2,3,4 and 5 day options in an idyllic environment for young children to thrive”.

    Features include modern technology and new resources, as well as a new playground with a nature area. The bike path, play equipment, vegetable garden and small animal farm will ensure a well-rounded program to develop the whole child physically, socially, emotionally as well as preparing them academically.

    It is important for children to have a strong school foundation program. This improves the child’s learning experience as they confidently prepare for Kindergarten.

    As a result of these new arrangements, all Pre-Kindergarten students enrolled at Scots All Saints College in 2021 will attend the new Preparatory School on the All Saints Campus.

    See website for more information

    Facebook: Scots All Saints


    Barcoos Farmstay Bathurst: A Country Escape In The Central West

    Does your family need a little fresh country air and some time interacting with farm animals? How about a Central West farmstay at Barcoos, just a 10-minute drive from Bathurst.

    At Barcoos Farmstay you can interact with all sorts of farm animals, from the friendly sheepdogs to Georgia the pig, the dozens of interesting varieties of chickens, horses, cows, ducks, a donkey and two alpacas. There are daily pony rides and also rides in the sulky, pulled by a sweet little Shetland pony called Coco.

    Hunter the little white Shetland pony is very patient indeed with all who ride him. Even the farm dogs enjoy a pony ride. Patting Prudence the gigantic Clydesdale horse is another favourite activity. Kids also love collecting the freshly laid eggs from the chicken coops.

    Animal feeding takes place twice daily and it is carefully supervised. Kids need to be taught how to carefully approach some of the animals, especially Erica and Aqualigia the alpacas who can be quite skittish. But they are soon literally eating out of the kids hands.

    There are several accommodation options at Barcoos Farmstay, with two two-bedroom cottages and the five bedroom farmhouse which can sleep 10 people. There are also caravan and camping sites, both powered and unpowered.

    Families can also visit Barcoos Farmstay for farm tours, without staying the night. This is a great idea for a day out at the weekend or during school holidays.

    Barcoos Farmstay does get booked up quickly, so it is always best to plan ahead.

    Barcoos? Yes, it is a funny name. The farmstay is actually named after Farmer’s Elaine’s first ever Clydesdale horse, a gentle giant named Barcoo.

    Barcoos Farmstay

    Address: 1080 Trunkey Road, Perthville (via Bathurst) NSW 2795

    Phone: 0429 337 439

    Check out more about Barcoos Farmstay and book a visit here:

    Barcoo’s Barn website is here