Finding A Better Work Life Balance With Platinum Business Admin Services

Finding A Better Work Life Balance With Platinum Business Admin Services

Jess strikes me as a highly efficient Business owner who has managed to strike a balance between running a business and looking after her family.

Jess is a wife and mother of two girls aged 9 and 6 and a little boy who is 19 months old. Jess completed her bachelor of accounting a number of years ago and is a registered BAS agent who has been running her own administration business for two years. On the weekend Jess is out in the paddock helping her husband on our small farm just outside of Orange, or of late coaching her eldest girl’s netball team. Jess has lived in the Central West now for almost ten years.

What’s your go-to family outing in the area?

Living on a farm we can never go past a good bonfire and catch up with friends and family. We enjoy spending time outside and often visit Gosling Creek Dam for a walk and a play in the playground.

What is your favourite kid-friendly coffee spot?

I am one of those crazy people that does not drink coffee, but I can say the Greenhouse is definitely one of my favourite places to take the kids especially for lunch with a friend.

Tell us more about what inspired you to start Platinum Business Admin Services?

When falling pregnant with my third child I faced the option of continuing on in the corporate world within management or finding something that better suited my family and our lifestyle. I had a number of friends who would ask me for my advice and for help with bookkeeping so after an opportunity arose for me to take the leap to go it on my own I jumped at it and we haven’t looked back. My husband has been my biggest supporter and the one that encouraged me the most to do what I enjoy.

What has excited you the most as a business owner?

My clients’ ambitions and their drive. The ability to help someone with their goals, and see them achieve them has been amazing. I absolutely love helping someone find the balance they are looking for, often my clients come to me overwhelmed and helping them to find a better work life balance is definitely something I am truly passionate about.

What has been one of the most surprising things you have experienced since starting your business?

How much you can actually ‘love a job’, and how awesome my team is. You can’t always do it on your own as much as you may want to, though having a team behind you that wants your business to succeed as much as you do is always so important.

Do you have a morning ritual that sets you up for the day? 

I wish I could say I did. I try but it doesn’t always happen. I have two facades to my life; the organised business side and the mum pushing her kids out the door half ready because they are going to miss the bus AGAIN! My morning ritual isn’t fantastic, I find it’s the night time ritual that sets me up. When I leave the office for the day I like to make sure I am setup for the next day; I know what’s happening and I check my to do list. If I do the same at home the night before then our mornings are easy, if I don’t we are running out the door unprepared for the day ahead.

How do you manage the juggle of running a business and looking after your family’s needs?

I have set up my business around my family needs, and my clients are fantastic. They know I am always available and also that I have a family. I have not had a client yet who hasn’t been willing to work in with our business hours or structure. I have great support staff who are mothers too so we support one another. I have great family support, with my husband, parents and in-laws too. Other than that it basically comes down to being organised, my calendar on my phone and a program we use within the business which is basically a to-do list controls my work life and allows me to organise myself. The other important thing someone once told me is to be honest with yourself and others; if you can’t do something within a certain time frame or what is being asked to be achieved is an unrealistic time frame, talk to people, let them know, more often then not they will be willing to work with you to come up with a new solution.

Where do you love to escape to when wanting some R & R?

Somewhere with no phone reception, or anywhere with my family. We don’t get to leave town much with having a small farm with cattle and an orchard but when we do somewhere warm is always going to be my pick.

Is there an area of the Central West you haven’t explored and would like to?

There is so much of the Central West I haven’t explored, my husband has been here since birth so he has seen most of it, but I would love to go a bit further to Jenolan Caves with the kids.

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Amorette Zielinski

Amorette is a Mum of two boys who often keep her flying by the seat of her pants and a wife to a man who is so much fun to share life with; never dull! Friends often call her a ‘connector’ because she loves putting like minded people together curating experiences for them.

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