Road Trip – On The Art Trail From Grenfell To Carcoar

Road Trip – On The Art Trail From Grenfell To Carcoar

Road Trip Part three – Art and Culture itinerary

If you are looking for school holiday activities that are fun for the entire family, stimulating visually, as well as budget friendly, then exploring the art and culture on a road trip in the Central West will tick those boxes. There is lots to discover in each of the quaint and heritage towns in the region too, which you can plan as a day trip or plan it as a staycation.

We experienced this recently with a few friends with children aged between 7-14 years which is ideal for this itinerary. All they need is a little imagination and the day will be golden.

There are few items you can prepare and pack to make the journey even more engaging.

To encourage your children to get into the mindfulness of art and culture, talking about colour as a way of seeing through new eyes before you set off is a good way to set the tone for the road trip. A guided imagery engaging all the senses (you could be imaginative and describe any story), ending with a colour glowing in a woman’s palm can be facilitated using chalk pastels or even paint colour charts. A range of 72 colours is ideal so that each person can choose their colour and spends the day looking for their colour as part of their journey.

It’s also a great idea to pack a sketchbook or clipboard with art paper for kids so they can capture and draw the picturesque scenery along the way.

Starting from Orange, the distance to Carcoar is approximately 40 minutes by car.

If you have followed the full round-trip three-part itinerary from Orange – Eugowra – Grenfell – Carcoar then the distance from Grenfell to Carcoar is approximately 1 hour and 20 mins.

Carcoar is a pretty village with tranquil surrounds and makes a great Staycation stop too.


The highlight for all the family here is the 20th Century Toy Museum which is located in the old CBC bank building and has over 2,000 toys in the five rooms downstairs. It costs $4 for entry which I think presents fabulous value!  The collection will certainly have you travelling down memory lane which includes Betty Boop, Simpsons, Japanese Anime, Superheroes, Royal memorabilia and more. Check out our gallery of photos below.

Bring a clipboard with a pen and paper and kids can write something they spot from A – Z for a bit of extra fun.

The courthouse just around the corner is great for kids and adults to “act the part” of judges and plaintiffs. Great for photo opportunities.

Food and Drink stop

Good places to enjoy are the Royal Hotel, Antica Australis restaurant and coffee at the Village Grocer.


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