Paddle Adventures Await

We’re often asked “What is Dragon boating?”   

Well, that’s easy to answer:
It’s 20 people paddling in unison,
It’s a drummer beating time
It’s low risk, high fun
Races are fast, furious and fun

But beware    its also addictive.

It’s a sport that opens up a world of opportunities – for those who want to grab them or it can be your weekly dose of “ME” Time on your local waterway with a few friends.

For Pearl,  coach of the Pinnacle Dragon Boat Club and Pinnacle Dragons Abreast, Orange for 13 years, its opened doors the world over and led her to achieve things she’d never dreamt of, in fact when she began dragon boating back in 2007 – she didn’t even know what a dragon boat looked like!

Dragon boating appeals to many as it is perfect for the highly competitive and for the ‘Social’ paddler as well as a terrific sport for families or for the individual.

The Paddler’s Path can take you to the world – or for those who prefer your local waterway can provide all the fun you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’d like to step outside your comfort zone  – Train to be a race official, to be a coach or a sweep (steerer).

The opportunity is there for those who want to grab it, to travel the world.

It’s a sport you can get as much involved as you want, or not, no pressure.

Adventures Pinnacle Dragons has included racing in Canada, in Hawaii,  in Israel (on the sea of Gaililee), paddling around the islands of Venice (and down the Grand Canal), in company of the Venice Lionesses (a team of breast cancer survivors) with teams from UK,  France and Belgium, they’ve trained with the Rome Butterflies on Lake Gondolfo, Pinnacle Dragon Juniors have competed in Thailand with the Australian Juniors, some have been in the NSW State team.

We’ve paddled gently down the Ord River (56km), under the the 7 Bridges of the Derwent river, down the Nepean and 32 km down the Huon.

We’ve raced in Sydney, Canberra, Falls Creek (Victoria), Darwin and many places in between. We’ve raced with and against our friends in Dubbo, Mudgee, Parkes, Lithgow, Bathurst. Forbes and Wagga Dragon Boat Clubs.

We’ve made friends the world over and many wonderful memories  – All because someone, 13 years ago was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

The little hiccup led to seven people getting together in 2007 and forming Dragons Abreast, Orange. We’ve changed slightly over the years to allow us to open the club up to any over 11 years of age; regardless of shape, size and ability, this is an all inclusive fantastic sport. The club has always maintained our link to the world through the International Breast Cancer Commission, to the Australian Dragon Boat Federation and Dragon Boats NSW.

We’ve met incredible people along the way, the most significant being Dr Don McKenzie, Head of Sport Medicine Research at British Columbia University, Vancouver. Contrary to medical thinking in 1995, he believed repetitous exercise of the upper body would be beneficial to breast cancer patients. The volunteers for Dr Don’s research program – became ‘Abreast in a Boat’, they are still paddling today. Many thousands of men and women, the world over have grown in confidence and fitness in a dragon boat.

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Pearl Butcher

Pearl was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007 (age 63), she had surgery in August then took up dragon boating the following October for the Dubbo Outback Dragons who at the time were the only club in the Western Region.

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