Mother of the Year – Entry is open to women in the Central West area.

Mother of the Year
• Demonstrates love, devotion, care, commitment, support and wisdom

1. Entry is open to all women who are a birth Mother, adoptive Mother, Grandmother, foster Mother and/or carer of children.
2. Submission must include the following:
a) Full name, email address, town and postcode within the Central West area. b) A profile picture [SPECIFY THE FILE SIZE OR TYPE YOU REQUIRE] with a short bio, describing the Entrant in less than 10 words.
c) A written profile in 250 words or less detailing the following (as may be applicable):
i) how many children the Entrant has in her care;
ii) how the Entrant embodies traits that are highly regarded in mothers;
iii) any hardship the Entrant has overcome and came out stronger;
iv) any interest in the community by participation in programs and services that enrich the community, mothers, children or family life;
v) how the Entrant exemplifies in her life and conduct the power of a mother’s inner strength to deal with the successes and challenges in life and motherhood;
vi) how the Entrant juggles the demands of motherhood and life; and/or
vii) if the Entrant has a child over the age of 6 years in her care, she can include a handwritten note by the child about why they think the Entrant is the best mum.

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