Garden of the Year – Entry is open to any residential gardens located within the Central West area.

Garden of the Year
• Originality
• Use of natives
• Variety
• Utility
• Multi use

1. Entry is open to established (over 5 years) residential gardens of any size located within the Central West area.
2. Submission must include the following:
a) Full name, email address, town and postcode within the Central West area. b) A profile picture [SPECIFY THE FILE SIZE OR TYPE] with a short bio, describing the Entrant in less than 10 words.
c) Up to 10 photographs of the garden including (if applicable) at least one colour painted aspect (eg, a wall or courtyard). This can include before and after photos.
d) A longer written profile in 250 words or less detailing the following (as may be applicable):
i) inspiration for the garden;
ii) the age of the garden;
iii) plant selection for the climate region;
iv) use of drought resistant plants or trees;
v) use of insect or native bird/animal attracting plants or trees;
vi) who designed and/or created the garden; and/or
vii) what is done with any produce from the garden.