Em and the Wild Things

Em and the Wild Things

I started my love affair with photography at age 15 when I discovered I could get out of Wednesday afternoon high-school sport to attend a film photography class at TAFE in Sydney. 

But it wasn’t until many years later when I moved back home from London and had my own children that I bought my first DSLR and my journey took a deeper meaning, defining who I am as a photographer. 

Capturing and sharing my children’s spirits in an unaffected manner and engaging with the stunning central west landscape as a backdrop saw me being made an Instagram suggested user in 2015. From that moment on my professional work has been sought after and I have continued to hone my technical skill across both my camera work and editing, as well as my ability to get the best from my portrait subjects.

In Molong (NSW) where I live with my own three little wild things (two girls and a boy) I use my Nikon and my Mavic Pro 2 drone plus an assortment of lenses to photograph in my timeless style. 

I consistently aim for cinematic nostalgia with bright and true colour. On my days off, I love to hike in the mountains and hunt for wildflowers. I walk through life being moved by everything, which makes me both quick to cry and the photographer I am today.