Early Childhood Education and Care Support

Early Childhood Education and Care Support

I am a qualified and passionate Early Childhood Educator providing childcare and support services including school readiness support, behaviour support, and childcare for your child in their fundamental early years. 

I aim to assist in helping your child develop a passion and love for learning, helping them to develop  positive lifelong learning dispositions from an early age. 

I strive to help them progress, play and enjoy learning at no matter what stage they are at, whether they require extra support in reaching developmental milestones or would like to extend their learning further.

I have a deep interest in facilitating a mindful environment for children where they can play and learn with attention to the here and now, to engage with kindness and curiosity.  

For more information on my services and how I can help your child please visit my website or send me an email! I look forward to hearing from you.